samsung 25w pd pps charger

Samsung 25W Super Fast Charging Adapter Review

Samsung 25W PD Adapter is a quality wall charger with latest USB PD standards for ultra fast charging. It supports fast charging not only at Samsung phones but also all PD 3.0 compatible devices, including latest iPhones.

Siemens EQ3 Coffee Machine Silver Black

Siemens EQ 300 Review

Siemens EQ3 is one of the best entry level automatic Coffee Machine on the market. Great combination of price and functionality. Especially for home use.

spigen rugged armor case back small

Spigen Rugged Armor Case Review

Spigen Rugged Armor Case has a nice grip and fits my phone excellently. That Spigen case gives confidence and looks fairly protective for my phone.

brita flow water tank filter on fridge shelf

Brita Flow Water Filter Tank Review

Brita Flow Water Tank is designed to filter tap water into quality drinking water. Water capacity makes it ideal for large families and small businesses.

Tung Gel Mint Blast

Tung Tongue Cleaner Gel and Brush Review

Bad Breath is a big problem for many people. Reason of bad breath is odor-producing bacteria. Tung Gel and Brush is a cheap and effective solution for bad breath

Alpaca Socks Grey

GoWith Alpaca Socks Review

High-end GoWith Alpaca Socks are good blend of alpaca and sheep wool, come with two-pack suitable price.

IKEA BROGRUND 5-Spray Handheld Shower Head

IKEA Brogrund Shower Head Review

Detailed IKEA Brogrund review. Flow rate, water saving features, material, installation and cleaning tips. Great helpful info for IKEA Brogrund.

DURACELL CEF14 Battery Charger

Duracell CEF14 Battery Charger Review

Duracell CEF14 Battery Charger is extremely safe and high quality charger for daily use. Overcharge Protection and Battery Fault Detection is a big plus.

Chanel No.5 Eau De Parfum

Coco Chanel 5 Perfume Review

Chanel No.5 Perfume is one of the most famous perfume of the World with iconic bottle design. It is a real classic and timeless perfume since 100 years!

Brita Marella XL Blue

Brita Marella XL Review

Brita Marella Water Filter Jug is designed to filter tap water and reduce Chloride, limescale and some metals (lead and copper) from regular tap water.

Adidas Superstar Black 3 Stripes

Adidas Superstar Black Review

Superstar is One of the most cute and comfortable shoes of Adidas. Adidas Originals Superstar is not only Super cute, but also have an iconic view!

Crocs Classic Clog Pink Front View

Classic Crocs Clog Review

Crocs Shoes are extremely light, comfortable, durable slippers having big Ventilation ports. Perfect for daily usage and at Work!

Adidas Stan Smith Green Back View - After 1 Year

Adidas Stan Smith Review

Complete Review of Adidas Stan Smith. Clean looking, Real iconic and Comfortable shoes. Not only for tennis but also casual sneakers of all time