Adidas Superstar Review

Most comfortable Adidas Shoes

Very cute and comfortable walking shoes with great looking

As you can check on my Adidas Stan Smith review, I wasn’t the biggest fan of my Stan Smith. Both shoes are the products of Adidas, but I can see huge differences between Superstar and Stan Smith. These are the most cute and comfortable Adidas shoes I have ever used. First time when I wore my Superstar on my feet, my reaction was “these are specially made for me”! It fit perfectly and was super comfy and still looking good! I must admit that insoles of Adidas Superstar supports your feet and makes it very comfortable and robust.

High quality with lots of color options

There are many color options of Superstars but I preferred basic black with white stripes. My school doesn’t allow us to wear white sneakers so my intention was just wearing these as a school shoe for spring and fall time. But that didn’t happen. I wore these in weekends, rainy days, cold days, hot days. Just to be clear, these shoes were on my feet for a year. At the end of a year it couldn’t handle my hard use and it is loosen itself and became unwearable. I can’t blame my Superstars for this, because I wore it so much and everywhere but it wasn’t designed for that hard usage.  But it is kinda bad that I was able to use these only for a year.

Surprisingly these shoes are bigger than regular Adidas sizes! Buy half or full size smaller. If you have chance, try it in a real store, find your Superstar size, and find best price online!

Adidas Superstar






Light Weight





  • Super Cute
  • Comfortable
  • Iconic
  • Partially Water resist
  • Fits almost every occasions


  • Can't handle hard use
  • Expensive

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