AQUAPHOR Amethyst MAXFOR+ Water Jug Review

AQUAPHOR Amethyst is a smart jug to filter tap water and produce high quality drinking water. Aquaphor Amethyst remove unwanted substances (like chloride, limescale, heavy metals et cetera) and you get soft and better water.

Aquaphor Amethyst Jug Front View

By Metin KARAL – Review Editor

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Key Decision Making Factors


  • Fits Fridge Door
  • Clever Refill Design
  • Automatic Mechanical Counter
  • Brita Maxtra+ Compatible
  • High Filter Capacity (200L)


  • Has some design difficulties


Aquaphor Amethyst has a nice view and gives quality impression. It is easy to carry and pour water. Unlike to Brita Marella XL, Amethyst is narrower and fits to fridge door perfectly. For this reason, it is more convenient then Marella XL. I have also Brita Marella XL, and it is thicker and does not fit to fridge. You will not need extra storage for cold water needs.

Other big PLUS of Aquaphor Amethyst is its refill design. Actually it is much more better than Brita Marella or Aluna. It has a sliding grid on the lid to fill jug easily. I think, it is really very practical and works great. You don’t need to remove lid to refill the jug, like it is in Brita Marella. It is very easy to use and practical.

Aquaphor Amethyst Top View with Automatic Mechanical Counter
Aquaphor Amethyst Top View with Automatic Mechanical Counter

Another cleverly designed part with Amethyst is “Automatic Mechanical Counter“. Each time you refill your jug, the analog indicator moves down and shows you estimated life of your filter cartridge. When it is down to zero, you understand that it is time to change filter. Very clever and simple design. If you used Brita Aluna before, you will find that it is really great and that works great!

Aquaphor Amethyst Jug Front View
Aquaphor Amethyst Jug


MaterialBPA Free Plastic
Total Capacity2.8 L
Filter Capacity200 L (with MAXFOR+)
Dimensions26.42 x 25.4 x 11.7 cm
Weight840 grams
Water CounterYes
Compatible MAXFOR+ / MAXTRA+
Fit to
Fridge Door
Dishwasher SafeYes (except lid)
Aquaphor Amethyst Jugs Features


Aquaphor Amethyst has a 2.8L water capacity. But this is not means you will get 2.8L water each time you pour water completely. Some of the water will stay in unfiltered water area. As you pour filtered water, that unfiltered water starts to filter.

Another good thing with Aquaphor Amethyst is filtration speed. It is much faster than Brita Maxtra+. In less than one minute, jug filters all water!

Aquaphor Amethyst Jug Package 2.8L
Aquaphor Amethyst Jug 2.8L

MAXFOR+ Filter Review

Aquaphor Amethyst is compatible with Brita Maxtra+ filter but naturally comes with original Maxfor+ filters. After you finished Maxfor+ filters you can replace it with any Brita maxtra compatible replacement cartridges.

Best thing with Maxfor+ filters is, it is much faster than Brita Maxtra+ filters. In less than one minute, jug filters all water!

On the other hand, Aquaphor Maxfor+ cartridges are good filters. Maxfor+ filters successfully reduce impurities found in tap water. Resulting purified water has better taste and odor.

Maxfor+ contains a patented material, named Aqualen™, which is an ion-exchange fiber material to filter impurities. Aqualen™ also bind heavy metals like lead, iron, mercury.

Aquaphor Maxfor+ Filter
Aquaphor Maxfor+ Filter

According to producer company, Maxfor+ effectively reduces water hardness, chlorine, heavy metals, iron, pesticides, organic compounds, and other contaminants. In my real life test, I also see that, Maxfor+ filtered water’s taste is much softer than original tap water. I also used Brita Maxtra+ filters and I can conclude that Maxfor+ filter is near to Maxtra+.

Aquaphor Maxfor+ Filter
Aquaphor Maxfor+ Filter

Another great thing with Aquaphor Maxfor+ filter is its filtration capacity. Most of the similar water filters has a 100 Liters of filtration capacity, but Maxfor+ has 200 Liters of filtration capacity! Good for budget!

Good For Fridge Door
Aquaphor Amethyst

  • Fits to Fridge Door
  • Clever Design!
  • 2.8 L Capacity
  • 200 L Filter Life
  • Easy to refill
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Brita Maxtra+ Compatible

  • Aquaphor Amethyst Review Summary

    Aquaphor Amethyst is a very practical jug to get good quality water in a short time. There are some other competitors on the market, like Brita Marella XL, Aluna etc. I used all Marella XL, Aluna and Amethyst and I can conclude that Amethyst is winner in terms of usability. But if you need large capacity, Brita Marella XL is a better choice.

    Only one bad thing with Aquaphor Amethyst: If you fill Amethyst until the lid, some water may pour out of the jug while carrying or pouring. For this reason, you must wait water filtration to fish. No such a thing at Brita Aluna and Marella (minus one point for design scoring)

    Where to Buy?

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    AQUAPHOR Amethyst MAXFOR+ Water Jug Review

    Metin Karal


    Our Verdict

    Aquaphor Amethyst is a very practical jug to get good quality water in a short time. It removes unwanted substances in a short time. At the end you get highly purified clean water from tap water.


    Written by Metin Karal
    Metin Karal is a Computer Engineer and He is interested in reviewing products that He used or liked. He also likes programming in C#. Currently, He is developing a really challenging memory game, PairMem which is available at  Official Microsoft Store for free download.

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