17+ Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers (2021)

Siemens EQ3 s300 Coffee Machine Black Silver

BODUM Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter

BODUM Pour Over Coffee Maker has a fine mesh stainless steel filter and there is no need to waste paper filters no more! Beside its environment friendly, nature, fine mesh stainless steel filter promotes flavor of coffee. Because there is no filter paper that traps oils and flavours! Just the pure flavour itself. The carafe is made with temperature-resistant Borosilicate Glass. It has a removable sleeve and this keeps your hands away from hot glass for extra safety. Stainless Steel Permanent Filter is dishwasher safe. Lastly, Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker is Made in Europe!

BODUM Pour Over Coffee Maker has a stylish view and it is extremely easy and safe to use. Perfect Coffee gift set for a Coffee Lover.

Judge Double Walled Glass Coffee Latte Cups with Handle

Luxury Double Walled Glass Coffee Cups from JUDGE. It is set of 2 hollow vacuum sealed and handmade, crafted by artisans. Double wall provides perfect heat resistance ‘air pocket’ and keeps coffee at the perfect temperature for a long time. Meanwhile, clear glass is extremely strong, durable and dishwasher safe. They are made from ultra strong borosilicate glass. Glasses have 275 ml capacity and suitable for cold and hot service. JUDGE gives 10 years of Guarantee and this shows how much of a perfect glass it is.

Beside Double Walled Cups, Judge have Stackable Glass Coffee Mugs (which is suitable to make whipped coffee) Cappucino Set and Espresso Cups. All of them are also great Coffee Cups. Lovely gifts for Coffee Lovers!

De’Longhi KG79 Professional Coffee Grinder

Real Coffee Lovers likes fresh coffee and grind their coffee just before brewing! DELONGHI Coffee Grinder KG79 is a must-have tool for a coffee lover. It is very silent compared similar coffee grinders. Coffee Grinder has perfect 17 grinding levels for fine grinding. Cup Selector allows you to grind 2-12 cups automatically. Burr Grinding System has 2 grinding wheels, avoiding overheating and preserving the coffee aroma. KG79 is one of the best coffee grinder on the market. Quality gift for a real coffee addict.

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Storage

Best coffee is always fresh Coffee! Roasted coffee beans starts to loose its freshness after 1-2 weeks. After 2 weeks your coffee starts to loose its aromatic flavor. For this reason storage of Coffee is vital for brewing perfect Coffee.

Coffee Gator’s Stainless Steel Coffee canister is a perfect solution to store Coffee for long time. Coffee Gator canister is Airtight and prevents loosing aromatic flavor. On the other hand, all Coffee beans emit harmful CO2 gases and needs to be ventilated from canister. Coffee Gator canisters have an innovative freshness valves which eliminate CO2 but lock out Oxygen.

Another special feature of this canister is it has a calendar wheel at the top of clasp seal lid. Logging time of purchase or expire date is extremely easy with that calendar wheel. BPA Free Coffee Gator has a also quick-release and easy-seal bail clasp for practical use. It is suitable for ground coffee storage and bean coffee storage.

Contigo West Loop Autoseal Travel Coffee Mug

Contigo is one of the biggest Mug and Thermoses company in the world! They produce high quality and technological products. West Loop Autoseal Travel Mug is one of them. Contigo West Loop Mug has a revolutionary Autoseal Technology which ensures extremely easy and safe usage. Can keep coffee for 5 hours hot and 12 hours cold. Button lock mechanism works great for extra safety. It is Leak and Spill Proof and can be used with one hand, safely.

West Loop model has a 470 ml capacity and of course it is BPA Free. It is a perfect Mug for fast daily life, especially for Coffee Lovers.

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KitchenCraft Milk Thermometer, Stainless Steel

Simple but necessary tool to get ideal temperature for smooth, frothy coffee. The thermometer easily clips to the side of frothing jug and you can monitor the milk temperature clearly. Hence, you can concentrate to the job you are doing. KitchenCraft Milk Thermometer’s dial  is marked with the ideal temperature range for making smooth frothed milk (65Co – 70Co)

Coffee Gator Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Have you ever drink cold brew coffee? Not meaning regular iced coffee. Cold Coffee is great but cold brew Coffee is marvelous. Cold Brew is an another Coffee brewing method, especially in last a few years. It is not a fast method, like french press or dripping. It takes 12-24 hours for a perfect cold brew coffee. But result is wonderful and denser coffee. If not tried, you must try it. Its caffein level is higher than regular coffee and it has chocolaty taste. Be sure that much better than regular iced cofee. Coffee Gator Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a great coffee gift for people who likes different coffee tastes.

illy Coffee, Classico Coffee Beans, Medium Roast, 100% Arabica Coffee

Real Classic Coffee. illy is a famous Italian coffee company. It has great coffee makers and produce great Coffee, both ground and beans. illy Classico Coffee Beans is one of them. It is a perfect gift for coffee lovers who likes to grind their coffee, just before brewing. illy Classico is medium roasted and 100% Arabica Coffee. Coffee is gathered from different coffee regions all around the world. Has smooth and rich taste. Suitable for all kind of coffee preparations. Packed in an air-free and pressurised can to prolong freshness. It is Vegan.

Best Coffee Mugs For Coffee Lovers

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