Brita Aluna Water Filter Jug Review – Compare Brita Aluna vs Marella

Brita Aluna Water filter jug is a small and environment friendly alternative to bottled water. Slim body of Aluna fits fridge door for cold water. We have used both Brita Aluna and Marella in recent years and We will also compare Brita Aluna vs Marella XL in this review.

brita aluna on marble

By Metin KARAL – Review Editor

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Quick Facts


  • Fits to Fridge Door
  • Easy to Carry
  • Easy to Pour
  • BPA-Free Material
  • Dishwasher Safe


  • Difficult to Refill

The Best Water Filter Jugs

Brita ZeroWaterAquaphorBrita
ModelMarella XLZP-010Amethyst ALUNA
MaterialBPA Free BPA Free BPA Free BPA Free
Capacity3.5 L2.3 L2.8 L2.4 L
Filter Life100 L91 L200 L100 L
Dimensions CM14.7×25.8×25.615.2×29.5×31.511.7×26.42×25.411×6.5×27.5
Weight970 gr454 gr840 gr860 gr
CounterMemo DisplayTDS MeterMechanical Memo Display
Fits to
Fridge Door
Affordable Water Filter Jugs


Brita Aluna is a lightweight and slim water filter jug. It is narrower than Brita Marella XL and fits to fridge door. As I discussed in Brita Marella XL review, Marella XL is thicker than Aluna and doesn’t fit to fridge door. For this reason, Aluna is a better choice if you are planning to use for cold water. You just fill Aluna with tap water and put it directly to fridge door. That’s all! Aluna is much suitable in this case.

What We did not like with Brita Aluna is its refill design. You have to remove lid completely to fill jug! It is something silly. There are much clever ways to refill jug, like it is in Aquaphor Amethyst or Brita Marella.

Aluna’s handle is near square. I think, rounded handle might be better for carrying. But no problem, you will not carry it for long time!

There is a memo display on the lid, like Marella. It is a passive display. It just countdown to 4 weeks. As the time goes, percentage on the display decrease to zero percent. By that way, you can understand cartridge changing time. Not clever as Aquaphor Amethyst (I’m using it with pleasure) but better than nothing!

Brita Aluna Easily fits to Fridge door
Brita Aluna Easily fits to Fridge door
Best For Fridge Door
Brita Aluna Water Filter Jugs

  • Fits to Fridge Door
  • Don't Require Electricity
  • Easy to Carry
  • Easy to Pour
  • BPA Free & Durable Material
  • 2.4L Total Capacity
  • Environment friendly
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Capacity

    Brita Aluna has 2.4L capacity but this is not mean you will get 2.4L filtered water each time you drain water. Filtered water water capacity is around 1.4L. When you drain that water, remaining 1L water starts to filtrate and you get extra 1L clean water in a minute.

    If you are not using jug very frequently, this not a problem. But, if you have a big family and consuming much water frequently, that capacity might be insufficient for you. In this case, you must consider buying Marella XL, which has 3.5L/2.4L capacity. But I must remind you that, Marella XL doesn’t fit fridge door. It is reasonable to consider your needs and choose either of one: Big capacity (Marella XL) or moderate capacity with fridge option (Aluna).

    brita aluna jugs on marble
    Brita Aluna Jugs


    MaterialBPA Free Plastic
    Total Capacity2.4 L
    Filter Capacity100 L (with Maxtra+)
    Dimensions11 x 26.5 x 27.5 cm
    Weight860 gr
    Water CounterLCD Memo Lid
    CompatibleMAXTRA+ Filters
    Fit to
    Fridge Door
    Dishwasher SafeYes (except lid)
    Brita Aluna water filter jug Features
    brita aluna vs aquaphor amethyst
    Brita Aluna vs Aquaphor Amethyst


    Similar to other Brita Jugs, Brita Aluna comes with Maxtra+ water filters. As I discussed in Best Brita Filter Alternative Cartridges review, Maxtra+ is a gorgeous filter. It is made up of micro carbon pearls and it actively adsorbs chloride from tap water. In addition to chloride, maxtra plus filters effectively reduce limescale, lead and copper. At the end you get good and clean water.

    Bad thing with brita maxtra cartridges is water taste. If you have a very bad tap water taste, filtered water taste might be bad also. In this case, you can replace your Aluna’s cartridges with other compatible filters. I have tried BWT Magnesium filters and get better tasted water. There are many compatible cartridges on the market. You can choose one of them, according to your needs.

    Here, It is to be noted filtration rate. Aluna comes with Maxtra+ filters. Maxtra+ filters makes filtration drop by drop, in other words relatively slow. Filtration rate is much more faster at Aquaphor Amethyst. In my opinion, slower filtration is better, since it filters more unwanted substances.

    Things to Know


    Brita Aluna is not thick jug, so easily fits to fridge door. On the other hand, its capacity (2.4L) is directly proportional to its size. If you need more filtrated water in a short time, Brita Aluna is not a good choice. But, if you need fridge door fit sized jug, Aluna is a perfect choice.

    Filtration Rate

    Complete Aluna Jug filtration takes only around 2 minutes to complete. Brita Aluna use Maxtra+ filters, and it has moderate filtration speed. I have used, Aquaphor Amethyst jugs, which has far higher filtration speed, but Maxtra+ quality is better. Just wait 1 more minute, absolutely worth it.

    Brita Marella XL Blue
    Brita Marella XL

    Compare Brita Aluna vs Marella

    Although Brita Aluna and Marella are great water filter jugs, there are some major differences between Marella and Aluna, in terms of capacity and refill design. The most important difference capacity: Brita Aluna has a 2.4L capacity but Marella XL has a 3.5L capacity. If you have a large family or you have high clean water needs, Marella XL is a better choice for you.

    If you want to put your jug directly to fridge door for cold water, Brita Aluna is a better choice. Otherwise, you must transfer Brita Marella XL’s clean water to a bottle and put it to fridge for cold water – Long way! 🙂

    Another important difference between Brita Aluna and Marella is water refill design. You must completely remove Aluna’s lid to fill water. But it is much more easy at Marella XL, you don’t need to remove lid to refill. This a plus for Marella.

    Both Aluna and Marella XL are produced by Brita and made up of quality BPA-Free material. Both of them are good choice. You must select Brita Aluna vs Marella according to your needs.

    Brita Marella XL Bluebrita aluna on marble
    Brita Marella XLBrita Aluna
    Capacity 3.5L/2.4L2.4L/1.4L
    Fit to FridgeNoYes
    Weight970 gr860 gr
    Refill EasyModerate
    Push ButtonYesNo
    Compare Brita Aluna vs Marella
    Best XL Capacity Filter Jug

  • 3.5L Total Capacity
  • Don't Require Electricity
  • Easy Refill
  • Very Portable
  • BPA Free Material
  • LCD Memo Lid
  • Alternative to Bottled Water
  • Dishwasher safe

  • Brita Aluna Review Summary

    Brita Aluna is a slim and good looking water filter jug. It is has a 2.4L capacity. This capacity is enough for most people, but if you have a large family or need much water, a higher capacity jug might be better for you (like Brita Marella XL).

    In general, Aluna has some improvements over previous models, like Marella. Aluna easily fits to fridge door and much more practical. On the other hand, Marella XL can not fit to fridge door and you must store your filtered water in an another jugs or bottle for cold water.

    Bad thing with Brita Aluna is, its silly refill design! You must completely remove upper lid to refill water. That might be annoying if you are consuming too much water and need to refill jug frequently. In this case, Marella XL or Aquaphor Amethyst is a better choice.

    Brita Aluna Water Filter Jug

    Metin Karal


    Our Verdict

    Excellent Brita water filter jug with small size. Narrow body makes it ideal for Fridge Door. It has 2.4L capacity and this is enough for daily needs. Aluna is made up of quality BPA-Free material and gives confidence.


    Where to Buy?

    Buy From Amazon

    Alternatively, Buy From Producer, Brita

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