Brita Flow Water Filter Tank Review

We have been using Brita Marella XL, Aluna and Aquaphor Amethyst for a long time. They all have good features. But recently We needed a bigger capacity filter jug to get rid of regular water dispenser. Actually, Brita Flow Water filter is the almost unique in this area. It is designed to filter tap water into quality drinking water as the others. But Brita flow is different! It has a huge water tank capacity. That capacity makes it ideal for large families and small businesses.

brita flow blue water filter tank XXL 8.2L

Brita Flow Water Filter Tank

Metin Karal

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Our Verdict

Brita Flow Water Tank is designed to filter tap water into quality drinking water. Huge water capacity makes it ideal for large families and small businesses. On the other hand, it lacks mobility. It is a bit difficult to refill. If you don’t need much water at-a-time, other alternatives (like Brita Marella XL) are more suitable.


By Metin KARAL – Review Editor

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Key Decision Making Factors

Reasons to Buy

  • Have 8.2L Huge Capacity
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Fits to Fridge Shelf
  • Good alternative to regular water dispensers

Reasons to Avoid

  • Difficult to Refill
  • Difficult to Carry


Total Capacity8.2 L Total 5.2 L Filtered
Filter Capacity100 L (with MAXTRA+)
Dimensions30.7 x 22.6 x 21.5 cm (WxHxD)
Weight1294 grams
Water CounterYes (Memo with time countdown)
Compatible MAXTRA+
Fit to
Fridge Door
No (Fits to Fridge Shelf)
Dishwasher SafeYes (except lid)
Brita Flow Water Tank Features
brita flow water tank filter on fridge shelf
Brita Flow on the Fridge Shelf


Brita Flow is made up of quality polycarbonate plastic. In my opinion, It really gives confidence. In contrast to other similar water filters, it does not have a cylindrical shape. It is pretty rectangular. Reason is simple: its aim is not for easy carrying but storing high amount of water. It is actually a quality water dispenser with water filtration features.

Due to huge size, you can not store it at fridge door, but you can store on fridge shelf, easily. By that way, you can get high amount of cold water any time you want. If you don’t have or don’t want to consume that much of space in your fridge, Brita flow is not for you. Brita Aluna might be a better choice in that case.

Brita Flow consist of two parts. Upper unfiltered tap water tank (around 3L) and bottom, filtered water tank (around 5.2 L). As you fill upper tank, water starts to go into water filter (by gravity) and you get quality drinking water at the bottom tank. That much easy! But requires extra time and effort to refill completely.

By the way, it has an easy to use sliding water refill method. You can put it under kitchen water tap to refill, if you have large enough space or you can refill Brita Flow by another jug.

brita flow water dispenser
Brita Flow Water Filter Tank Package


In contrast to similar water filter jugs, Brita Flow has huge water capacity. Brita Flow has 8.2 L water capacity, which is fairly enough for big families and small business. It has 8.2L total capacity, but this does not means you fill tank and immediately you will get this capacity.

Brita Flow has two parts. Upper part (around 3L) is used to store unfiltered water. When you fill this part with tap water, immediately filtration begins and lower part (around 5.2L) starts to be filled with purified water. Notice that, you must refill upper part twice to completely fill lower part with filtered water.

Biggest problem with Brita Flow is filling method. If you want to fill the water tank completely, you must fill upper tank at least 3 times! Filling and filtration of water takes approximately 10 minutes! This is acceptable for me, but not for every one!

brita flow water tank

Cartridge Compatibility

Brita Flow comes with single Brita Maxtra+ water filter cartridge. Maxtra+ filter is compatible with most recent Brita filter jugs. For a long time, we have been using water filter jugs and tried many Brita alternative filters, like BWT and Aquaphor Maxfor+. We prefer BWT magnesium filters for better water taste. In general, all that filters are compatible with each other. But this is not the case for Brita Flow! We tried to use BWT filter with Brita Flow but it did not fit! I’m very surprised actually. On the other hand, Brita Maxtra+ filters are perfect filters. We will use maxtra+ filters happily, but if you are planning to buy Brita Flow and use BWT filters with it, keep in mind that they are not compatible!

brita flow water tank filter on fridge shelf
Brita Flow XXL

Compare Brita Flow vs Marella

Both Brita Flow and Brita Marella is designed to filter regular tap water to drinkable quality water, there are major differences. First of all, Brita Flow has a huge water tank capacity of 8.2 liter. On the other hand, Brita Marella XL has 3.5 Liter capacity. Difference is really huge! If your clean water needs are high, Brita Flow is definitely winner.

Another difference between Brita Marella and Brita Flow is refill design. You can refill Brita Marella in one easy step. But, in Brita Flow, you must fill upper water tank, at least 3 times. This is a bit annoying actually. If you don’t need much water a time, Brita Marella XL is much better choice.

Last important difference between Brita Marella vs Flow is their mobilities. Brita Marella is much mobile. You can carry it with only one hand. But this is not possible for Brita Flow. Since it has a huge 8.2L water tank capacity, it is almost impossible to carry it with one hand.

Both Brita Flow and Marella made up of quality material and uses same Brita Maxtra+ filters.

Brita Flow Review Summary

First thing I can say about Brita Flow water tank filter is it is fairly different than regular water filter jugs in terms of shape and capacity. Regular water filter jugs (like Brita Marella, Aluna or Aquaphor) are more mobile. But you can take and put Brita Flow under faucet to refill, although not as easy as regular jugs.

On the other hand, Brita Flow’s capacity is huge! You can filter and store much more water than other classical water filter jugs. This is definitely big plus for large families and small offices.

It is perfect alternative to plastic bottled water. More eco-friendly and much cheaper that bottled water.

Brita Flow perfectly fits to fridge shelf and you can use it as a cool water dispenser with high capacity.

Only thing that I did not liked is, the filtered water absorbs some fridge smell. That might be due to open foods.

In summary, If you need high water storage capacity, Brita Flow is perfect choice for you. But, if mobility is more important for you, regular water filter jugs are better choice.

XXL 8.2L Capacity
Brita Flow Water Tank

  • Huge 8.2L Capacity
  • Ideal for High Water Demand
  • Fits to Fridge Shelf
  • Alternative to Bottled Water
  • BPA Free Material
  • Environment friendly
  • Dishwasher safe

  • Where to Buy?

    Buy From Amazon

    Alternatively, buy From Producer, Brita

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