Duracell CEF14 Battery Charger

Duracell CEF14 is a reliable wall plug-in battery charger with affordable prices. You can charge all of your AA and AAA NiMH batteries safely with CEF14. It is capable of charging 2 or 4 batteries simultaneously.

Panasonic Evolta Batteries with DURACELL CEF14 Battery Charger
Panasonic Evolta Batteries with DURACELLCEF14 Charger

It is usually sold as bundle of 2 or 4 Duracell batteries and CEF14 charger. Consequently, that makes the package more affordable. On the other hand, quality of bundled Duracell batteries are not as good as CEF14. You can prefer better batteries for heavy use.

Duracell CEF14 Battery Charger Features

  • Charges both AAA and AA Batteries
  • Charging in pair (Do not charge only one battery alone)
  • 9-Safety Feature
  • Minus-Delta-U cut-off for safe charging
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Ensures full charge for all NiMH batteries
  • Prevent overcharging by going to trickle charge for safety
  • Stops charging when fully charged
  • Terminate Charging based on dV/dt and Temperature control
  • Battery Temperature monitoring of safety
  • Over Temperature shut off feature for safety
  • Do not Charge non-rechargeable batteries for safety
  • Battery fault detection for safety
  • Reverse polarity protection for safety
  • LED indication for charge level
  • International Charge Capacity (Operates at 100V to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz)
  • The Energy Star certified

As seen from specifications, Duracell CEF14 is a feature rich battery charger. Most of that features are safety features and that is great!

Certainly good charger is very important for extended use of batteries. I’m using great Panasonic Evolta batteries for years. At the beginning I used a standard battery charger for charging my Evolta batteries. My batteries was lasting in 2-3 weeks. But, when I started to use Duracell CEF14 charger same batteries now last about 3 months! Certainly great value.

Duracell CEF14 Battery Charger LED Indicators

Duracell CEF14 battery charger has 2 LEDs to inform you about what is going on.

Constant RED = Charging in progress

Constant GREEN = Charging is completed

Blinking RED = Error in charging or Faulty battery

Blinking GREEN = Ready to Use batteries (but charging not completed)

Duracell CEF14EU4 Battery Charger Back Label
Duracell CEF14EU4 Battery Charger Back Label

Duracell CEF14 is an International battery charger. You can use it almost any where in the world, with proper plug. Operates at 100-240V AC and 50/60 Hz.

Duracell CEF14 Battery Charging Time

Duracell CEF14 is not a super fast charger but charges your batteries in moderate time. Super fast chargers charges batteries very fast but usually that batteries discharge faster. Similarly, super fast chargers decrease life cycle of batteries. For this reason quality moderate fast chargers are much better and preferable.

According to specs given by the Duracell, Duracell Battery Charger can charge 1.300 mAh AA nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries in 4-hours up to 90% capacity. Certainly that time may change with capacity and brands of battery. I charge my 4 count 1.900 mAh Evolta batteries in 5-6 hours with CEF14. That much time is fairly fine for me. I start charging before sleeping and I get fully charged batteries in the morning. This is fairly enough for me.

Can I Charge All Batteries with Duracell Charger?

Yes, as long as your batteries are rechargeable and NiMH type. Duracell CEF14 charger is capable of charging all type of round AAA and AA NiMH batteries. Even if you try to charge non-rechargeable batteries by mistake, charger does not charge it and warns you ( Do not Charge non-rechargeable batteries for safety ) Notice that, it may take longer time for charging of old technology batteries.


Duracell CEF14 Battery Charger is extremely safe and high quality charger for daily use. It has many safety features for both batteries and charging environment. It is extremely easy to use. Just insert 2 or 4 AA/AAA battery in to the CEF14 charger and forget the rest! You will get perfectly charged batteries after 6-7 hours. Be sure that, this charged batteries will last much more than regular batteries.

I bought my Duracell charger with the bundle of 2 count 1.300 mAh Duracell AA batteries + 2 count 750 mAh Duracell AAA batteries. I must admit that bundled Duracell batteries is not as good as CEF14 charger. All of the Duracell batteries are dead in a few months! For this reason, if you find a deal for only CEF14 charger with lower price, it is safe to prefer it. If you can’t find, no problem: Use perfect Duracell Battery Charger CEF14, but don’t expect something much from Duracell batteries. Instead you can use perfect Panasonic Eneloop batteries.

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Duracell CEF14 Battery Charger


Charge both AA and AAA Cells


Charging Time


Long Lasting Charging


LED Indication


International Charge Capacity



  • Charge both AA and AAA Cells
  • Prevent Overcharging
  • Battery Temperature monitoring
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Minus-Delta-U cut-off for safe charging


  • Bundled Batteries not Quality

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