GoWith Alpaca Socks Review

    GoWith Alpaca Socks look good blend of alpaca and sheep wool, coming with two-pack suitable price. They are not only eco-friendly but also very comfortable alpaca socks.

    gowith alpaca socks black and grey

    GoWith Alpaca Socks Review

    Metin Karal


    Our Verdict

    GoWith alpaca socks are good blend of 40% alpaca, 48% merino wool and 12% Polyamide. Its is mainly made from eco-friendly natural materials. They are are good blend of alpaca and sheep wool, coming with two-pack suitable price.


    By Metin KARAL – Review Editor

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    • Breathable
    • Keep Heat
    • Cheap


    • Not for sub-zero outdoor activities


    GoWith Alpaca Socks are consist of 40% Alpaca, 48% Wool and 12% Polyamide. As seen, these socks are made of highly natural soft alpaca and wool yarn.

    Using Alpaca and Wool material on socks have big advantages.

    First of all, they are natural. They are made of natural amino acids and produced from sustainable sources (alpaca and sheep). An alpaca can produce 2 to 5 kg alpaca fiber per year. In addition, alpaca wool can degrade in nature just in 12-24 months. Very eco-friendly.

    Alpaca and sheep wool eliminate sweat away from skin easily. For this reason prevents production of bacteria. No Bacteria = No Odor 🙂

    GoWith alpaca ingredients
    GoWith Alpaca Ingredients


    GoWith Alpaca Socks are blend of alpaca and sheep wool material. In general, alpaca wool has similar softness with merino wool. But alpaca is more warmth than merino. For this reason, alpaca socks are better than pure merino wool socks, in terms of warmth, especially in winter.

    This model is designed as Winter Crew socks. Most of the alpaca socks are produced from 30% alpaca wool but this socks are 40% alpaca wool. There are some advertised as 100% alpaca wool socks but, usually they are not. You can understand this just by looking their prices. 100% alpaca socks can’t be cheaper than blend socks 🙂

    In short, I can say that these socks are fairly comfortable. In contrast to pure merino wool socks, I don’t feel itching with this alpaca and merino wool blend socks. I used them both in home and outdoor with and without shoes and felt fairly comfortable.

    alpaka socks grey dual
    Grey Alpaka Socks


    GoWith Alpaca Socks are relatively thin socks. It is suitable for home and city use. Might be suitable for moderate low temperature hiking but not for serious hiking experiences, I think.

    This socks doesn’t have elastane in contrast to similar socks. Many similar socks include 2% – 4% elastane for elasticity. Although it is not listed in the product label, it looks like it has some material for elasticity. For this reason it fits to my feet good. Neither too tight nor loose.

    My shoe size is 43(EU) / 9.5(US) but I bought 39-42 (EU) size and fits perfect. For this reason, I advise you to buy 39-42 EU sized socks if your foot size is up to 44 (EU).

    alpaka socks black dual
    Black Alpaka Socks

    Breathability and Wicking 

    A good sock must regulate your foot temperature and make it dry in all weather conditions. Keeping heat inside of socks is a big problem. In that case, as the temperature increased by your body heat, your foot starts to get wet!

    Alpaca wool fibers have a hollow structure and keeps more heat than regular wool. For this reason, it keeps your feet warmth. But, alpaca wool fibers have wicking properties. For this reason, as moisture starts to appear, it starts evaporate also, due to heat and wicking properties of alpaca wool fibers. Result is dry and warmth foot 🙂

    GoWith Alpaca Socks have moderate thick design. I tested this socks at 5-10 oC outdoor and +20 oC indoor temperatures and see no sweat.

    gowith alpaca socks black and grey back side

    Odor Test

    As stated before, alpaca wool fibers have a hollow structure that keep more heat, but alpaca fibers have wicking properties. For this reason, as your feet get wet, produced sweat starts to evaporate out side of socks. They are “breathable”.

    Indeed, I tested GoWith alpaca socks in different temperatures, and did not see moisture and sweat. Less sweat means less bacteria. Less bacteria means much less odor 🙂

    I can not say that, there is no odor, but I can say that, this odor is almost negligible.

    mit alpaka wolle


    According to manufacturers label (seen above), consider following guides for washing and maintenance:

    • Wash at 30 oC
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not iron
    • Do no dry clean
    • Do not tumble dry
    alpaca socks grey


    GoWith alpaca socks are fairly budget value socks compared to its features. It has 40% alpaca and 48% merino wool. 40% alpaca wool is a big plus for that price. It successfully regulates your foot temperature and keep it warmth. It is sold as two-pack and with reasonable price.

    About GoWith

    GoWith is a Berlin, Germany based company. It has three warehouse in the world. Berlin (Germany), Toronto (Canada) and Georgia (USA). They produce most of their products in Turkey. Company mainly concentrated on quality socks production.


    GoWith alpaca socks are good blend of 40% alpaca, 48% merino wool and 12% Polyamide. It is mainly made from eco-friendly natural materials. They have certificate of OEKO-TEX Confidence in Textiles.

    Soft alpaca and merino wool material make this socks fairly soft and comfortable. It is suitable for home and outdoor usage. Its wicking properties eliminates moisture from socks and reduce bad odor. In general, alpaca socks provide good warmth. But it has moderate thickness. If you are planning to use it for sub zero outdoor activities, it is better to search for something serious (and expensive) alternatives.

    In sort, GoWith alpaca socks are fairly budget socks with exclusive features.

    Is it worth for the money? Absolutely worth it, at that price.

    Where to Buy?

    Buy From Amazon

    Alternatively, Buy From Producer, GoWith

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