IKEA BROGRUND 5-Spray Handheld Shower Head Review

Shower Heads are very important when you are having bath. Bad or “dead” shower heads can make your showering experience extremely awful. After searching for many shower heads, I saw that, there are many criteria for a good shower head. Finally I found a good shower head: IKEA BROGRUND 5-Spray Hand Shower Head. So far, so good 🙂

IKEA Shower Head BROGRUND Packaged

8 Most Important Features of Good Shower Head


  • Easy Install (DIY)
  • Ergonomic
  • Quality ABS Material
  • Water Saver
  • Multiple Flow Patterns
  • Easy Clean
  • Dog Friendly
  • 3-Years IKEA Warranties


  • Difficult to Find Except IKEA
  • Not for very Low Water Pressure


Certainly, one of the most important thing with shower heads is their water flow rate. Weak water flows makes showering experience extremely poor. Weak water flows does not remove soap or shampoo easily. This yields longer showers and water waste. IKEA shower head BROGRUND water flow rate is around 1.8 GPM (or 8 liter / minute). This amount is adequate. Since there are 5 spray mode, you can adjust ikea shower head flow pattern as you like.


IKEA BROGRUND Hand Shower Head has a small pressure compensating washer (PCW). PCW reduces water flow but maintain pressure. Same water pressure with less water! You will conserve more clean water. PCW can conserve up to 30% less water comparing to regular showers. Great for environment. On the other hand, BROGRUND is not the only water saver IKEA shower head model. IKEA bathroom series also include VOXNAN and LILLREVET shower heads. All of them are environment friendly and consume less water than regular shower heads.

Notice that PCW is a very small gadget attached to handheld. Easily you may loose it. Be careful while opening and installing.

High Pressure Shower Head Multiple Flow Patterns

BROGRUND has 5 adjustable spray pattern but you probably use only 3 of them.

IKEA Shower Head Mesh Spray

Full Spray: Rain shower is mostly frequently used. Gives wide and even coverage for your body. It’s flow rate is adequate. I can give 4 over 5 star. I would prefer a bit harder pressure but, no problem. Flow rate is enough.

IKEA Shower Head Massage Spray

Massage Sprays are magnitude of Full Spray from soft to hard. MESH is one of the most condense patterns. It is high pressure shower head spray. Others have less and less weak pressures from Full Spray. Probably you will not use it much.

IKEA Shower Head Mist Spray

Mist Spray function is the most interesting one 🙂 It produces fine droplets of water like you are in a “condense” mist. IKEA describes it as relaxing but I describe it as “adventure in the mist” 🙂 Worth trying. After 2 months, this my favorite. Uses much less water and cover much more area.

In short, spray functions are more than enough for the price.

>> Handheld IKEA Shower Head for Dogs

BROGRUND is a good handheld ikea shower head for dogs. It is convenient, easy to use and has many spray patterns for your dog. While Full Spray pattern having full coverage, Mesh spray pattern for targeted narrow spray. In addition, ikea shower head is 4 inch diameter and this is a big advantage for washing your dog, due to its high coverage.

IKEA BROGRUND Installation

IKEA BROGRUND hand shower head installation is extremely easy. Just remove the old one and install the BROGRUND. No technical assistance – DIY. You can install by yourself, saves the cost of a plumber. BUT, one thing is important. There is small gadget called small Pressure Compensating Washer (PCW) in the handheld. This PCW is so small and can be lost. Be careful while un-packaging. If you loose PCW, IKEA shower head works but without water saving.


Soon or later your ikea shower head will have larger limescale deposits. To clean that limescale deposits just use diluted, ordinary white vinegar. Rinse with water gently. Don’t use a descaling agent or a detergent that is acidic and steel wool.

IKEA Shower Head Material

IKEA shower head inner housing is made of Acetal plastic. Outer housing is ABS plastic and Chrome plated. ABS Plastic makes it very durable and Chrome plate makes it very attractive and good looking. Nozzles are synthetic rubber. Looks good quality. By the way, package doesn’t have a hose. If you don’t have a hose, you must buy hand held shower hose separately.

BROGRUND Looking and Size

Chrome plated housing makes the shower very good looking. When you grab it, you don’t feel like it is crappy. It gives confidence about quality. When you start using, you understand how it is easy to use. Diameter size of BROGRUND 5-Spray handheld IKEA shower head is 4 inch (approximately 10 cm). This is some thing plus. By the way, BROGRUND has smaller diameter handheld IKEA shower head (90 mm) model having less features with different part numbers, like this. This models are usually cheaper. For this reason be careful if you want to buy.

IKEA Warranties

BROGRUND handheld ikea shower head has 3-years warranties. This fairly enough. In addition, I trust IKEA for that kinds of gadgets. IKEA usually makes very good (at least above the average) gadgets and I like its quality. Big plus for my decision.

IKEA Brogrund Shower Review Verdict

IKEA BROGRUND Shower Head has a superb price / performance ratio for a rain shower head. Consumes only 1.8 GPM water and saves environment and your budget. Pressure compensating washer (PCW) reduces water flow but maintains pressure. In other words, good showering experience with less water. Flow patters are adequate. If you are looking for fantastic shower head, BROGRUND is not for you 🙂 BROGRUND is a good handheld IKEA shower head for dogs. It is convenient and easy to use. Good looking, good quality, good warranties and extremely easy DIY installation, no plumber. What you expect more ?

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