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    Cheap but Exceptional Quality Chargeable Batteries!

    IKEA ladda rechargeable battery 1900mah 4x aa

    IKEA sells not only furniture but also reliable electronics. IKEA Ladda Rechargeable battery is one of them. For a long time, I have been using great Panasonic EVOLTA batteries. But after 7-8 years, my EVOLTA batteries are started to die. Hence, I started to search a reliable rechargeable battery, like EVOLTA. At the end, I found it.

    IKEA Ladda Battery

    Metin Karal

    Ready to Use
    Stay Charged

    Our Verdict

    IKEA Ladda is a reliable and cheap Rechargeable battery. Having everything you may expect from a modern rechargeable battery. It comes as pre-charged and stay charged for many months. Only bad thing with IKEA Ladda is supply problem. Difficult to find other than IKEA and sometimes at Amazon.


    By Metin KARAL – Review Editor

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    • Cheap
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Pre-Charged
    • Less Self-Discharge


    • Difficult to find


    There are currently 2 different IKEA LADDA battery: 1900 mAh and 2450 mAh. When I bought, 2450 mAh version of IKEA Ladda battery was out of stock. But no problem. For years, I have been using 1900 mAh Panasonic EVOLTA batteries, and that capacity was enough for me.

    Both IKEA rechargeable batteries have similar simple and clean designed package. I love IKEA’s minimalist design. They make it mainly due to environmental reasons. Usually they don’t use unnecessary packaging. Ladda battery pack was not an exception.

    IKEA ladda rechargeable battery front pack
    IKEA LADDA Rechargeable Battery 1900mAh

    IKEA Ladda Specs

    Capacity1.900 or 2.450 mAh
    Charge Cycle500 times
    Ready to UseYes
    Pre ChargedYes
    Stay ChargedYes
    Made inJapan
    IKEA LADDA Rechargeable Battery Features
    IKEA ladda rechargeable battery back cover
    IKEA Ladda Rechargeable Battery Features


    IKEA Ladda Rechargeable AA batteries are currently sold in two different capacity: 1900 mAh and 2450 mAh. IKEA has its own charger called STENKOL. I’m sure that, STENKOL charger is also good charger with affordable price label. But, I have a good battery charger: Duracell CEF14. I’m using this perfect charger for a long time, to charge my old Panasonic EVOLTA batteries.

    When my IKEA Ladda 1900 mAh batteries are completely discharged (after 4 months of use!), I inserted them to my favorite CEF14 charger. Duracell CEF14 is not a super fast charger but It charges batteries perfectly, in reasonable time. It charges batteries up to 90% level in 4-hours and charged my IKEA Ladda AA batteries fully around 5 hours. In my opinion, slow charging is better than fast charging due to extended battery life cycle. If you are not in a hurry, (and if possible) use slow charging for your chargeable devices.

    cef14 with ikea ladda batteries charging

    Panasonic Eneloop vs IKEA LADDA – Are They Really Same?

    After the release of IKEA Ladda batteries, many battery enthusiasm made extensive battery tests of Ladda. For a while, they see that, performance results of IKEA Ladda was very similar to famous (and expensive) Panasonic Eneloop Pro! Other specs was also similar:

    • 2450 mAh capacity
    • Ni-MH technology
    • 500 charge cycle
    • Japan made

    Two specs was very interesting: Both batteries were using Low Self-Discharge nickel-metal hydride (LSD Ni-MH) technology and made in Japan. There is currently only one factory in Japan, producing LSD Ni-MH batteries! In other words, It seems that both Ladda and Eneloop Pros are produced in the same factory, using similar processes and quality assessments.

    Best thing: We can buy same quality LADDA batteries for half price (even less!) of Eneloop Pros.

    IKEA Ladda rechargeable battery 1900 mAh aa

    IKEA Ladda Battery Review Summary

    I love IKEA. Really! They usually make quality products with reasonable prices. Ladda IKEA rechargeable batteries are not an exception. Ladda batteries are made (only LSD battery producer factory) in Japan by Fujitsu. In that factory, famous Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable batteries are produced. For this reason, Ladda batteries are produced with similar processes and quality assessments.

    IKEA Ladda batteries are pre-charged and ready-to-use. In other words, when you opened the package, immediately you can start using them! I opened my Ladda battery pack and put it to my electrical toothbrush. Works gorgeous! I have not charged it for 4 months! This is really awesome. Performance of Ladda batteries are far better than my old 1.900 mAh Panasonic Evolta batteries.

    Key factor with IKEA LADDA is its price. Price of Ladda batteries is half (even less) of Eneloop Pros! Price of regular 4 count pack alkaline batteries are around $5. When you buy Ladda batteries, you will get 500 charge cycle battery for the price of 2-pack alkaline battery. This awesome! Quality of Ladda rechargeable batteries are more than enough, for everyday use. Don’t buy single-use alkaline batteries and save the nature.

    In short, IKEA LADDA batteries are perfect and cheap rechargeable batteries. It seems that, they are made in Japan by Fujitsu, where Panasonic Eneloop batteries are made. According to tests, IKEA LADDA batteries and Panasonic Eneloop Pro batteries perform similar results, except their prices! If you have an IKEA store near, you may find better prices. Otherwise, Amazon is also good choice to buy an IKEA LADDA.

    Perfect Price/Quality
    IKEA Ladda Rechargeable Batteries

    IKEA Ladda is a reliable and Cheap rechargeable battery. It has everything you may expect from a modern rechargeable battery.

    Best Thing: Its price is half of Panasonic ENELOOP PROs

    Where to Buy?

    Buy From Amazon

    Alternatively, buy From Producer, IKEA

    Written by Metin Karal
    Metin Karal is a Computer Engineer and He is interested in reviewing products that He used or liked. He also likes programming in C#. Currently, He is developing a really challenging memory game, PairMem which is available at  Official Microsoft Store for free download.

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