LG Washing Machine ECL Error

You may see ECL error in your LG Washing Machine suddenly. But don’t panic! Reason of this warning is to warn you to make a tube cleaning. This procedure applies to LG F4J9JH2T model, but other models might be similar. It is best to check your LG washing machine’s user manual.

How to Make Tube Clean for ECL Error?

  1. Power off your LG Washing machine, if running
  2. Remove any clothing from LG washing machine, if any
  3. Add anti-limescale to the dispenser or anti-limescale tablets to drum
  4. Close washing machine cover
  5. Power on the machine and Press Hold Rinse+ and Delay End buttons for 3 seconds
  6. EcL sign will be displayed
  7. Press Start/Pause button
  8. Whole process takes more than 1 hour
  9. When finished, open the cover and let it dry

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