Logitech Silent Mouse M330 Review – 2024

Logitech is one of the leading trustworthy brands for mouse and keyboards. I’m using my Logitech silent mouse m330 for about 4 years and that time is enough for a detailed review 🙂 Recently, I bought a new one and here is the detailed Logitech M330 review.

Logitech Silent Mouse M330 top view © izreview.com
Logitech Silent Mouse M330 © izreview.com

By Metin KARAL – Review Editor

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Best Budget Silent Mouse
logitech m330 silent mouse top view 320x440

Best Budget Silent Mouse

  • Extremely Silent
  • Comfortable
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Quality Material
  • 1.000 DPI
  • Operate in 10m
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless

  • Key Decision Making Factors

    Reasons to Buy

    • Very Silent to Work
    • Comfortable
    • Lightweight
    • Has Quality material

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Limited color options (only 3)
    • Not suitable for heavy gaming


    M330 is an almost standard wireless mouse of Logitech, except for its silence features. It has 1.000 DPI optical tracking which is enough for daily usage. It uses 2.4 GHz wireless communication (not Bluetooth). Currently, it has 3 color option, Black, Red and Blue (which is my favorite). I think, all that features are enough for daily use.

    Connection2.4GHz Wireless
    Wireless Range10m
    Optical Tracking1.000 DPI
    Battery Life24 month
    Battery1 AA Battery (Included)
    Weight91 gr
    Dimensions3.84 x 6.79 x 10.54 cm
    Number of Buttons2+1
    Scroll WheelYes
    Color OptionsBlack, Blue, Red
    Logitech M330 Silent Plus Mouse Specifications
    New Logitech M330 in Package © izreview.com
    New Logitech M330 in Package © izreview.com

    Box Content

    It has a standard box content. I think, Logitech unifying receiver would be better choice, instead of standard receiver. Many users prefer to use multiple wireless device. If you have unifying receiver, you don’t need to use multiple receivers for each wireless device. One Unifying receiver would be enough.

    • Logitech M330 Silent Mouse
    • Nano-Receiver
    • 1x AA Battery (Mine was GP)
    • User Manual


    Logitech M330 Silent plus is a quality office mouse for daily use. It is not designed for gaming purposes but surely you can use it for basic gaming. If you are a hard gamer, M330 is not for you!

    M330 is a moderate sized mouse. Neither big nor small. I’m sure that it will fit to most people’s hand without any problem. After 4 years of use, I can conclude that, it does not tire my hand. This is extremely important if you are using it for long time. (If you have a big hand, I advise you to choose other proper sized mice). On the other hand, if you have hand problems, I advice you to use a Vertical Mouse.

    logitech m330 silent wireless mouse with usb dongle © izreview.com
    Logitech M330 and its nano-receiver


    Logitech M330 has a classic look. Its size is moderate and you can easily grab it. It has two click buttons (left and right) and a scroll wheel in the middle. It has no RGB zones or leds which are very common at gaming mice. At the top of the mouse, there is a Logitech brand logo. Back of mouse has on/off button, which is handy if you are not planning to use it for a long time. If you don’t touch it, M330 will auto off in a short time and I confirm that works gorgeous!

    logitech m330 silent mouse with ASUS notebook © izreview.com


    Thanks to its size (3.84 x 6.79 x 10.54 cm) Logitech M330 is a perfect portable mouse. It is a wireless mouse and you don’t have to worry about cables or connection problems. M330 has a 2.4 GHz nano USB receiver. I would prefer unifying receiver, but not much a big problem! When you are moving, you can store that nano-receiver at the underside of mouse. It has a small nest. Just put it to your bag, and go! Really very portable.


    Logitech Silent Mouse M330 has a soft rubber surface with serrated pattern for better touch. Mouse scroll is also made of rubber. Upper surface and bottom of the M330 is made of quality plastic. Gliding feet is made of special plastic material which extensively decreases noise. Best thing with M330 material, all part of this mouse gives quality and comfortable feeling. I have a HP SM2064 mouse also, which gives tiny plastic feeling! When I compare both, I can clearly conclude that M330’s material quality is much better than HP SM2064 model.

    logitech m330 wireless silent mouse rear view © izreview.com

    Size & Weight

    M330 is a medium sized mouse. It is suitable for almost everyone with comfort.

    Logitech M330 size is:

    Length: 10.54 cm

    Width: 6.79 cm

    Height: 3.84 cm

    Weight of M330 is around 91 gr. This weight is also similar to other office mice. Notice that, M330 use only one AA battery. For this reason even with battery, it is a lightweight mouse.

    Hand Size Recommendation

    Choosing correct sized mouse is very important for comfortability. If you choose an improper sized mouse, you may meet hand problems (which I have had years ago).

    If you have hand problems, due to excessive use of mouse at office environment, you may try Vertical Mouse. Their shapes are ugly, but it is really working! (At least worked for me!)

    Logitech M330 Hand Size recommendations:

    Small Hand: Yes

    Medium Hand:  Yes

    Large Hand:  Yes

    X-Large Hand: No

    logitech m330 with gp battery © izreview.com
    Logitech M330 Backside with Battery nest © izreview.com

    Logitech Silent Mouse M330 Battery Life

    M330 has a 24-month battery life label, but this is surely theoretical. It is most probably measured at lab conditions with predefined working time and by switching off the mouse manually. After 4 years, according to my experiences, Logitech M330’s battery life is around 8-10 month. This time is also marvelous! Surely quality of the battery is very important! If you use a quality battery, working time will also increase. My new M330 came with a GP Alkaline Battery.

    M330 has a green light at the top, but is not active while using, for battery saving purposes. It flashes only when a new connection established and while battery is very low to warn you. It has a on/off switch at backside. If you are planning to travel, you may switch off the mouse, but for normal daily use, you don’t need this. It has a perfect auto-off mechanism.

    Gaming Performance

    First of all, Logitech M330 is not a gaming mouse. It does not have additional programmable macro buttons. But, it has a quality 1.000 DPI optical tracking. Many modern games requires higher values, but this is OK for most games. I have played Call of Duty-2 MW, MW2, Sniper Elite-2-3-4 and many other games without problem with M330. But, once again: M330 is not a good choice for hard gamers!

    Comfort & Silence

    If you are reading that review, you probably looking for a silent mouse 🙂 And YES, you are at the right place 🙂

    What I love most about Logitech m330 is its silence and comfort.

    M330 is a classical and quality mouse of Logitech. You can feel this just by touching rubber surface and using it for a few minutes. It is crafted for right hand. As I said before, if you are left-handed and use your mouse for long hours, it is better to search for left handed mouse for your comfort.

    I personally hate mouse clicking while working. Mouse clicking noise may disturbs concentration and prevent focusing. That’s why, I choose Logitech M330.

    Logitech M330 mouse reduces standard clicking noise up-to 90% by Logitech’s SilentTouch Technology. You feel clicking but hear almost no sound!

    How Silent Mouse Works?

    Works mainly in 3-ways:

    • Logitech uses a rubber actuator that reduces the vibration and sound at its silent mice. In addition, lifespan of this rubber switches is 5 million click, which is better than most no-silent mice on the market.
    • Logitech silent mice uses Plastic Lumber material, which is more durable and silent than regular Unsaturated Polyester material.
    • Logitech puts sound barriers within empty chambers inside mouse, at silent models. This prevents, to some extend, sounds releasing out of mouse.
    My 4 years old logitech m330 silent wireless mouse with new one © izreview.com
    My Old and New Logitech M330s © izreview.com

    Logitech M330 Review Summary

    Logitech M330 is in the silent mouse family of Logitech. This family includes other mice and keyboards. Logitech used its innovative technologies to make more silent mice. M330 is one of them.

    I’m using M330 for around 4 years. After 4 years, I can honestly conclude that Logitech M330 is a perfect silent mouse. Its click and gliding sound is much lesser than regular mice. That silence helps focusing the job. For this reason I’m very satisfied.

    A few months ago, my M330’s left click button started to unclicking. This is happening very rarely but I decided to buy a new one. My choice was, of course, a new Logitech M330 🙂 I’ll use the old one at notebook, which is working still great.

    In short; After 4 years of use, I can conclude that, Logitech M330 is a perfect silent and comfortable mouse for office and daily use.

    Logitech M330 Silent Mouse

    Metin Karal

    Battery Life

    Our Verdict

    If you are looking for a silent mouse, Logitech M330 Silent Mouse is perfect home and office mouse for daily use. %90 decreased sound makes it really unbeatable for comfortable use. Battery life and its price is fairly affordable also.


    Where to Buy?

    Buy From Amazon

    Alternatively, buy From Producer, Logitech

    Written by Metin Karal
    Metin Karal is a Computer Engineer and He is interested in reviewing products that He used or liked. He also likes programming in C#. Currently, He is developing a really challenging memory game, PairMem which is available at  Official Microsoft Store for free download.

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