Saeco Lirika Automatic Cappuccino Machine Review

Saeco Lirika Espresso is one of the best budget bean to cup coffee machine for office use.

2.5L high water tank capacity, 500 gr bean container capacity, ceramic blades and 0.5 Liter drip tray are superb features of Saeco Lirika.

Compare Saeco Lirika vs DeLonghi Magnifica S

DeLonghi Magnifica SSeaco Lirika
DisplayNo DisplayLCD
Bean Container 250 gr500 gr
Water Tank Capacity1.8 L2.5 L
Pump Pressure15 Bar19 Bar
Grinder Settings1315
Cup WarmerNoNo
Coffee InputGround +BeanBean
Noise Level 71 db80 db
Weight (Kg)9 Kg8 Kg
Connection Rating(W)1.4501.850
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Compare De’longhi Magnifica S vs Saeco Lirika

Saeco Lirika one touch is a simple, compact and high performance automatic bean to cup coffee machine. It is near to professional segment. It has a modern design with robust structure. This Saeco espresso machine has large water tank and bean container capacity. That makes Lirika Espresso ideal, especially for small offices (OCS and small HORECA environment), café shops and of course for home. In this Saeco Lirika review, that affordable coffee machine is discussed in detail.

Saeco Lirika Specs

Bean Container500 gr
Weight (kg)8 kg
Water Reservoir2.5 L
Drip Tray0.5 L
Pressure19 Bar
Noise80 db
Cup WarmerNo
Milk FrothingPannarello Frother
GrinderStainless Steel
Wattage 1.850 W
Saeco Lirika Specs


Saeco Lirika Espresso Automatic Coffee Machine

Saeco Lirika has a modern and simple design. Simplicity and functionality are key features. It has a LCD display and easy to use control buttons. It doesn’t have chunky buttons or knobs. Only well designed functional buttons used. You can control all types of operations without hassle. Since it is designed for small offices and café shops mainly, that simplicity and functionality is a must for that kinds of environments. Who wants to spend much time with a coffee machine in an office? Simply make your great coffee in a very short time and go! That is what this Saeco Espresso machine do!

Water Tank

Saeco Lirika has many superb features which are not available at that budget automatic coffee segment. One of them is its huge water tank capacity. That affordable coffee machine has 2.5 Liter water tank capacity. This is really great. Automatic coffee machines consumes much more water than you expected. They consume water not only to make coffee but also to self-clean of the bean to cup coffee machine. Since it has a 2.5 Liter water tank capacity, you don’t have to refill your coffee machine water tank frequently. This feature is especially useful if you are using it in an office environment. Who wants to refill coffee machine water tank frequently ? 🙂

Bean Container and Grinder

Another great feature of this Saeco espresso machine is 500 gr coffee bean container. Most of the similar priced bean-to-cup coffee machines has 250 gr capacity bean container. Saeco Lirika’s capacity is twice of this capacity. This is also great. You will refill bean coffee container less frequently.

Besides 500 gr coffee bean capacity, Saeco Lirika has ceramic blades. This is also a big plus compared to stainless steel blades. Ceramic grinders are superior to stainless-steel type grinders. Because, stainless-steel grinders easily heat as it is used. After a while, coffee beans start to burnt and you get ruin flavor from any coffee you made. But at ceramic grinder you will not meet such a thing.

This Saeco one touch has 0,5 Liter drip tray and 15 portions coffee grounds capacity which are higher than similar machines.

Noise Level

Lirika has a 80 db noise level, while grinding. Similar home bean-to-cup coffee machines has 65-70 db noise level. 80 db is higher than others, but acceptable. If you want a more silent automatic coffee maker, Siemens EQ3 might be a better choice.

Siemens EQ.300 Coffee Machine

Coffee Types

Saeco Lirika has a Pre-brew infusion system which helps extracting coffee aroma from ground coffee. You can adjust coffee strength and water temperature also. For this reason, you get tasty, aromatic and delicious coffee.

You can prepare one-touch Espresso, Regular (Black Coffee), creamy Cappuccinos and Latte Macchiato easily.

It has a classic frothing wand called The Pannarello frother and you can brew delicious Cappuccinos and Latte Macchiato easily.

Best Cheap for Office
Seaco Lirika Fully Automatic Coffee Machine, for office use automatic Coffee Machine

Compact and high performance

  • 2.5 Liter water tank
  • 500 gr Bean Container
  • 19 Bar Pressure
  • Pre-brewing system

  • Best budget Automatic for Office Use

    Saeco Lirika Cappuccino Machine Review Summary

    Saeco Lirika is one of the best budget bean to cup coffee machine, especially for office use. 2.5L high capacity water tank, 500 gr capacity bean container, ceramic blades and 0.5 Liter drip tray are superb features of Saeco Lirika macchiato.

    Saeco Lirika is a compact and easy to use automatic coffee machine. It has a modern and elegant design. That elegant design makes it extremely easy to use automatic coffee machine. Pre brew infusion system helps making delicious coffee and cappuccino. Saeco Lirika price is also fair, compared to its features. That good price / feature ratio makes it very affordable choice for small offices and home.

    Written by Metin Karal
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    Saeco Lirika Automatic Cappuccino Machine Review

    Metin Karal

    Saeco Lirika Automatic Cappuccino Machine
    Easy to Use
    Tasty Coffee
    Noise Level
    Input Capacity


    Saeco Lirika is a compact and easy to use automatic cappuccino machine. Affordable price, High water tank and bean container capacity make it great for especially Office use and high Coffee consuming areas.