Samsung 25W Charger Adapter Review

As you already know, most cellular phones not coming with a charger. As soon as I get my Samsung A53 phone, I started to search a reliable and quality fast charger for it.

And I found a good one!

Samsung 25W PD Charger is an original, quality wall charger with latest USB PD standards for ultra fast charging. If you bought a new cellular phone and looking for a quality Type-C charger, Samsung 25W charger looks like an affordable choice.

samsung 25w charger package

By Metin KARAL – Review Editor

We research, test, and if applicable, rate the products that We used. We know the importance of Trusted Reviews. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links.

Key Decision Making Factors

Reasons to Avoid

  • Really Fast Charging (up to %50 in half hour)
  • Work with iPhone and Samsung
  • USB PD PPS Support to extend phone battery life
  • Quality material for protection

Reasons to Avoid

  • One Type-C port
  • Many Replica on the Market!

Samsung 25w Charger Specs

Samsung not only makes cellular phones but also makes their quality chargers. Samsung 25w PD Type-C adapter is one of them. Till a few years ago, all phone boxes was including a charger, but Apple changed this and started to sell iPhone chargers separately. After a short time, Samsung followed Apple. Now, almost none of mid and high-end phones comes with a charger. If you bought a new phone, probably why you are here!

Samsung 25W PD adapter is an official accessory of Samsung. It supports most modern fast charging technologies including USB PD 3.0 up to 25W. What I most liked feature of this adaptor is, it supports USB Power Delivery (USB PD) Programmable Power Supply (PPS) charging standard which is not available in many competitor.

SupportUSB PD 3.0 PPS
Interface1x USB Type-C
WattageUp to 25W
Dimensions47.4 x 78.1 x 26.2 mm
Weight50 gr
Input Voltage100-240 V
Color OptionsBlack and White
Samsung EP-TA800N Specifications
samsung 25w pd PPS charger type c port
Samsung 25w PD PPS Charger Type-C port

What is PPS Fast Charging

PPS Fast Charging is the latest and most advanced charging technology for USB-C devices. PPS regulates voltage and current according to connected device’s charging status. PPS increase or decrease power feed for optimum fast charging. PPS makes this by stepwise changes in current and voltage. This results in less power loss and less heat. Less heat is the key factor for extending battery life. In short, I can conclude that, PPS fast charging is very good for battery lifespan. (If your devices support it)

Quality PD Charger
Samsung 25W Charger

  • Original Samsung Quality
  • Compatible with Samsung and iPhone
  • Supports PD 3.0 standards
  • Quality Material
  • Ultra Fast Charge
  • Charge %50 in half hour
  • Great Price/performance Ratio

  • Samsung 25w Charger Box Content

    There are mainly two Samsung 25w charger box on the market. One has Type-C cable and 25w charger, whereas the other has only Samsung 25w charger. If you have already a Type-C cable, it is reasonable to buy charger only model. Most of the cellphones include a proper Type-C cable in the box. If you bought a new cellphone, probably you will not need to buy an extra Type-C cable, like me.

    Samsung EP-TA800N box content:

    1x Samsung 25w charger

    1x User manual paper

    samsung 25w pd charger specs-EP-TA800NBEGEU

    Fast Charging Test Results

    We have tested Samsung 25W Fast Charger with Samsung A53 5G, which has ~5.000 mA battery. Samsung A53 has PPS support. For this reason We hope to see benefits of PPS for fast charging. While charging, We tried to simulate regular daily charging habits. Enabled Wi-Fi + Cellular mobile data and disabled GPS.

    Here is the Samsung 25W Fast Charger Test Results.

    Charge TimeFast ChargeSlow Charge
    Start (t=0)%5%5
    1 minute%7%6
    5 minutes%13%8
    10 minutes%23%11
    15 minutes%29%14
    20 minutes%37%17
    30 minutes%51%23
    45 minutes%71%31
    60 minutes%88%38
    79 minutes%100
    90 minutes%54
    120 minutes%71
    150 minutes%87
    174 Minutes%100
    Samsung EP-TA800N Fast Charge vs Slow Charge Test Results

    Samsung 25w Charger Test Result Interpretation

    In Samsung 25W Fast charging adaptor test We have tasted the adaptor with a Samsung cellular phone. Samsung A53 supports latest fast charging technology, PPS. PPS increase or decrease power amount for optimum fast charging and hopping less heat at cellular phone battery. Actually, We clearly noticed almost no heat at cellular phone, while charging. On the other hand, We also noticed small heat increase at charger. But this is absolutely acceptable. In short, Samsung 25W adaptor supports PPS and works great.

    Fast charging claims %50 additional increase from drain. In our tests, We saw %46 increase in charging level. This is very near to %50. I’m sure that, if We would turned off Wi-Fi and cellular data (flight mode) that increase might be %50. But this would be a lab test, not a real life test. No one charges their phones at flight mode!

    Another thing We observed is, charging speed boost at first 20 minutes. After that, it starts to decrease. After %80’s, charging speed decrease extensively. Actually, the reason of this is to extend battery life. It is a good idea to terminate charging around %85, for longer battery lifespan.

    Reaching to %80 charge level took less than 1 hour and this is gorgeous.

    Fast Charging vs Slow Charging

    Some phones have the ability for both fast and slow charging. Samsung A53 is one of them. For this reason, We also tested Samsung 25w charger with slow charging.

    Results was very disappointed! In the first 30 minutes, charging level was only %23 (vs %51 at fast charging). At 60 minutes, difference was far high: %38 vs %88! Rest was also similar…

    This results clearly shows the importance of fast charging. Actually, If you are using your mobile phone deeply, slow chargers are very bad option for you. If you charge your phone night-to-night, no difference your you, of course.

    Samsung 25w Charger Review Summary

    If you are looking for a quality ultra fast charger for your cellular phone, Samsung 25w wall charger is a very good option. After 4 months of excessive use, I can conclude that, Samsung 25W PD Adapter is a quality wall charger with latest USB PD standards for ultra fast charging. It has latest charging technologies, including PD 3.0 and PPS. It works with all Samsung Type-C phones. If your phone supports higher wattage, search for 45W model. On the other hand, 25w is fairly enough for most current phones.

    Samsung 25w charger supports PD 3.0. For this reason you can use it for iPhone and iPad devices safely for fast charging. If you have a PPS supported cellular phone, you may use benefits of PPS with this Samsung charger.

    In our test, We saw that Samsung 25w charger increased charge level from drain to %50 in around half-hour. This is extremely useful if your phone’s charge level decreased and you need much battery charge in a short time. In our tests We also see that, our cellular phone didn’t get hot while fast charging. This is the result of PPS charging.

    Samsung 25W Super Fast Charging Adapter

    Metin Karal

    Fast Charge

    Our Verdict

    After 4 months of excessive use, I can conclude that, Samsung 25W PD Adapter is a quality wall charger with latest USB PD standards for ultra fast charging. It supports fast charging not only at Samsung phones but also all PD 3.0 compatible devices, including latest iPhones.


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    Written by Metin Karal
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