Siemens EQ3 Espresso Coffee Machine Review

Siemens EQ3 300 is an affordable Bean To Cup Fully Automatic Coffee Machine with great price/performance ratio.

Easy, Fast and Delicious Coffee at home comfort!

I’m pretty sure that Siemens EQ 300 bean to cup coffee machine will meet most of the needs of coffee lovers with superb features.

In this Siemens EQ 300 review, most of the features of Siemens eq.300 reviewed in detail.

Siemens EQ3 s300 Coffee Machine Black Silver
Siemens EQ3 s300 Coffee Machine

Siemens EQ3 Coffee Machine


  • Full Automatic
  • One Touch Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato
  • Tasty Coffee
  • Bean Container
  • Cup Warmer
  • Ceramic Grinder
  • 15 Bar Pressure
  • Easy Descaling
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Automatic Rinsing
  • Easy Clean Milk Nozzle
  • 15.000 Cups of Coffee Guarantee


  • Small Water Tank (1.4 Liter)

Siemens EQ3 Design

Siemens EQ3 s300 is classical bean to cup type super-automatic Coffee machine. Having iconic Silver/Black view with well engineered touches. Minimalist Design with Two Coffee dispenser, one moveable milk nozzle, garbage tray with LCD display and big control buttons.

Siemens EQ3 bean-to-cup automatic coffee machine has a very clear LCD Display and big operation buttons. Big and clear buttons help you to make all types of coffee easily. It has an easy to use interface.

EQ3 is a bit smaller than upper models (Like Siemens EQ6 and Siemens EQ9 series automatic coffee machines). It is about 7 Kg weight and that makes it stable. For this reason, no vibration during operation.


  • One touch for Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato
  • Unique “sensoFlow system” heating system
  • 1.4 Liter of water tank (removable)
  • Separate milk foam and heat system
  • 15 Bar pressure
  • Cup warmer
  • Easy removable brewing unit for cleaning
  • Automated rinsing at startup and switching off
  • Easily removable and cleanable milk nozzle
  • One touch descaling & cleaning program
  • 250 grams capacity bean container
  • Long lasting Ceramic grinder
  • 1.300 W Wattage
  • Multi language LCD display and menu
  • Disposable Coffee grounds container
Siemens EQ3 s300 Bean-to-cup automatic Coffee Machine, black Front View (s300 Model)
Siemens EQ.3 s300 Coffee Machine Front View

Touch Panel

Siemens EQ300 has total of 10 big front buttons. Some for maintenance, some for additional options and some for coffee types.

On/Off Button – Located upper center of the front panel. Used to switch on and off the machine. When switched ON, machine makes a quick self test and clean. This quick clean is very useful since it automatically cleans internal parts of machine and helps maintenance. Notice that, you must locate an empty cup for water disposal to the under part of the dispenser. Siemens EQ3 has also automatic switch-off function (default is 30 minutes and it is adjustable)

One or Two Cup Coffee Button– Located left upper of front panel. Used when you want to prepare two cup of coffee (default is one cup). When you want to use this feature, locate two cup to the coffee dispensers and select this option. Good feature especially when you want to prepare two cups of coffee quickly.

Coffee Strength Button – Located left upper of front panel (three bean figure). Used to adjust the strength/intense of your coffee. For example, some people prefers especially intense espresso and some people prefers light americano. There are 5 levels of Coffee strength: Very Mild / Mild / Regular / Strong / Very Strong. Each level is represented by a single bean figure (eg: 4 beans = Strong) on the display LCD panel.

Maintenance Control Buttons of Siemens EQ3

Cup Warmer Button – Located left upper of front panel. Used to warm coffee cups. Although it looks like a great feature, it is not as useful as seen. It is a passively heated by means of boiler. It is not so powerful and it warms cups very very slowly! Especially if you are in a cold room don’t expect something much about this feature. For this reason, I think, this feature is removed from most of the upper models.

calc'nClean Button – This is service program. Frequency of service program depends on hardness of water you used and how frequent you used your Siemens coffee machine. When calc’nClean button lights up you must perform a full calc n Clean service. (See service manual how to do a calc’nClean service). Calc n Clean warning doesn’t prevent machine to work immediately (at least for 1 month). This lets you to buy necessary Siemens EQ 300 cleaning tablets and descaling tablets (or liquid). Total calc’nClean process takes approximately 30-40 minutes. After the cleaning maintenance, you get a clean and healthy coffee machine. This is also necessary to use machine for years.

Pro tip: Even you make a full calc n Clean maintenance as needed, after a while I saw that, there are some coffee residues at the brewing unit. It is very difficult to clean that residues just by wiping. And I will try to clean it by a air blower at the next maintenance cycle. I hope to see no residues on the brewing unit.

What Kind of Coffee Siemens EQ300 Can Make?

Mainly, you can prepare 4 different types of coffee with only one touch!

Espresso – Espresso is the most basic type of coffee. Most of the other coffees are derived from one shot espresso, which is about 1 ounce (around 25-30 ml and adjustable) and usually extracted from 6 grams of coffee. With the Espresso program you get 1 shot espresso. It is a bit strong coffee. If you are not familiar with espresso you may find it very hard to drink but it is usually the best coffee for coffee lovers!

As I said, most of the coffees are derived from one shot Espresso. For example, if you want to make Iced Coffee Latte, this Espresso shot is a good starting point.

Siemens EQ300 Coffee Machine – Preparing delicous Espresso

Caffe Crema – When you see “Crema” word you may think that it is a milky coffee but it is not! When you chose this program you get diluted espresso (around 80-200 ml and adjustable) with aromatic froth. That is somehow similar to filter coffee or americano but a bit more intense and smells great. Try it!

Milky Coffee

Cappucino – There are two stages in preparing Cappuccino: Preparing Milk and adding Espresso. Firstly, you must pour some (around 2/5 of a cup) milk to a cup. (If you prefer a glass cup you get great looking Cappuccino) Then place it under the spout. In order to froth the milk you should place the milk nozzle in to the milk. Rest is straight forward. Super-automatic Siemens EQ 3 will froth and heat your milk. Consequently, your coffee is added and you get great Cappuccino.

Notice: If you are not planning to make another milky coffee, for hygienic reasons you must wash milk nozzle immediately. (Milk nozzle is also dishwasher safe)

Siemens EQ3 s300 Coffee Machine – Preparing iced Latte

Latte Macchiato – Preparing Latte Macchiato with Siemens EQ 300 is same as preparing Cappuccino except you must use less milk. Personally, I prefer Latte Macchiato. Milk foam of Macchiato is denser than cappuccino. Spread of coffee over milk is also great.

How to prepare Latte Macchiato with Siemens EQ3

Milk Button – Although it is not related to preparing coffee, you can prepare only milk froth by Milk Button. Very convenient for your kitchen!

Milk Nozzle & Self Cleaning

Siemens EQ300 has a moveable and removable external milk nozzle. Milk nozzle is extremely easy to use (and works great). It is extremely easy to clean the nozzle also. Likewise, in similar coffee machines, there is a milk tank. When you want to make milky coffee, you first fill milk tank. After that, milk is transferred from milk tank to coffee cup through internal pipelines. The problem is cleaning that internal pipelines is usually very difficult and non-hygienic. The good thing with Siemens eq300 is that, it does not use such a milk process. Milk nozzle is external and removable. No internal pipeline = Very easy cleaning + Hygiene.

Siemens Coffee Machine (EQ3) Grinder

Siemens Coffee Machine Bean Container (Siemens EQ300 Model)
Siemens EQ3 Espresso Coffee Machine Bean Container & Grinder

Siemens EQ 300 fully automatic Coffee machine has 250g capacity Coffee Bean Container. Using fresh beans to brew coffee is definitely a big PLUS! Ground coffee starts loosing its aromatic flavor after 3-4 days. Grinding the coffee beans just before using is great feature of the EQ3 espresso machine. Although, there are higher capacity coffee machines, like Saeco Lirika, 250 grams capacity is fairly enough for home use.

EQ3 has a ceramic grinder. Ceramic grinders are superior to stainless-steel type grinders. Because, stainless-steel grinders easily heat as it is used. Hence coffee beans start to burnt and you get ruin flavor from any coffee you made. Fortunately, Siemens EQ3 has ceramic grinder and you will not meet such a thing.

EQ3 Coffee machine’s grinder is adjustable. You can set grinding level according to your needs or type of bean coffee you use. Siemens recommends finer grinding level for dark-roasted coffee beans and coarser grinding level for lighter coffee beans. It was at the finest level when I buy the machine. Then I changed to medium level and now I get much more better coffee! You must try all of the levels to find best level for you.

Here I must mention about noise level of Siemens EQ3. EQ3 has a 67 db. noise level Especially while grinding bean coffee, EQ3 is a bit noisy. But at this price level, that much noise is normal. If you want more silent bean-to-cup coffee machine, you must prefer an upper model, like Siemens EQ9, which has 62 db. noise level.

Bean Container & Water Filter

Bean container can store about 250g of bean coffee. This is fairly enough for home usage. 250g / 6g for each espresso ~= 40 cups of coffee. But the problem is water tank is relatively small (1.4 Liter) and you must fill the tank frequently. There are some high capacity automatic coffee machines, like Saeco Lirika, but this is enough for daily home use. If you are making too much coffee in a day, that might be annoying. But, if you are making 4-5 cups a day (like me) it is not a problem.

I must mention about its water filter also. EQ3 is capable of using Brita water filter. Unfortunately Brita water filter is not available in the box and sold separately. Good water is a MUST to make good coffee. For this reason if you are using hard water, it’s a good idea to use water filter in Siemens coffee machine. Alternatively you can use filtered water. Brita makes cheap and effective water jugs that produce good filtered water. Read the Brita Marella XL review for more information.

Siemens EQ Series Coffee Machines

Siemens has great experience in home appliances. Perfectly combines engineering with functionality. As a result of that experience and development, Siemens making great coffee machines for years. EQ series are bean-to-cup coffee machines of Siemens. EQ family coffee machines are fully automatic and extremely easy to use coffee machines. EQ Coffee machine models range from entry level (EQ3) to networked (EQ9) bean to cup models. In all of the models, simplicity and quality is standard. In all of the Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machine you will get great aromatic coffee easily. When you compare bean to cup coffee machines, you will see that Siemens EQ3 is one of the best coffee machine with reasonable price.

Siemens EQ300 Espresso Coffee Machine - Great Latte Macchiato
Siemens EQ3 Coffe Machine – Latte Macchiato

Siemens Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Siemens EQ3 s300 is Bean to Cup coffee machine (Fully automatic BTC). Bean to Cup coffee machines are extremely easy to use coffee machines. Unlike to other classical (manual, moka coffee pot) coffee machines, you only put coffee beans (and water) as input and bean to cup coffee machine gives you perfect fresh coffee in a short time. You don’t deal with grinding coffee beans, heating water or adjusting proper amount of coffee for perfect espresso coffee. Because, bean to cup fully automatic coffee makers do it for you!

As I said, Siemens EQ3 s300 is fully automatic Espresso Coffee Machine. Siemens coffee machine has a feature named “iAroma System” combines and integrates all machine components and technologies to ensure a great taste of coffee (Always same taste, as long as you use same coffee beans). For this reason, it is a fantastic feature for people who want same great taste (Like me). Because you know what you get!

Siemens eq300 is entry level Espresso Coffee machine of Siemens. Other upper models are Siemens EQ6 and EQ9. Siemens EQ.6 and EQ.9 models have some additional features like more customization, onboard milk tank, WLAN (Wi-Fi/Internet) smart phone connection etc. But in all series you get a perfect coffee.

Compare Delonghi S vs EQ9 vs EQ6 vs EQ3

siemens eq3,coffee machinesiemens eq3,coffee machinesiemens eq3,coffee machinesiemens eq3,coffee machine
Magnifica S
DisplayNo DisplayTFTLCDLCD
250 gr235 gr300 gr250 gr
1450 W1,500 W1,500 W1,300 W
Weight (kg)9 Kg 11.495 kg 9.527 kg 7.348 kg
1.8 L2.3 Liters1.7 Liters1.4 Liters
Cup WarmerNoYesNoYes
Pressure15 Bar 19 Bar 19 Bar 15 Bar
Noise71 db62 db67 db67 db
WiFiNo Yes NoNo
UK Price
BEST SELLER Cheap Coffee Machine

Siemens EQ3 Troubleshooting

“Restart Appliance” Problem

After using 1.5 years, I met the “Restart Appliance” error. This message was flashing and disable you to use Coffee Machine. When I restart my EQ3, usually Coffee machine starts running, but not always!

I tried a few things, like making a full calc’nclean process, removing and re-inserting brewing unit, etc. But non of them worked.

Lastly, I found (I think!) a solution!

When I removed red brewing unit, I realized that it is fairly dirty, even though I regularly did calc and clean procedure. Coffee residues was sticked to all part of unit. Especially in gear region.

It looks like, somehow, that Coffee residues, prevent fully working of machine mechanism.

Then I took a plastic brush and cleaned all part of the brewing unit, deeply, under tap water for 5 minutes. At the end, unit was like new!

Dried gently, and re-inserted to machine.

So far, so good! No problem since then.

Adjusting Grinder

Unfortunately changing the grinding level at EQ3 is extremely difficult!

You feel like, the plastic rotary selector will broke!

Product manual says that you must use rotary selector only when the grinder is operating.

Yes, by that way you can change the grinding level but it’s still very difficult!

Final Siemens EQ.300 Review Verdict

Siemens EQ3 has one of the best price/performance ratio over common automatic coffee machines. It is an extremely easy to use bean to cup coffee machine. Making “near” Coffee shop level quality coffee in home comfort is possible with EQ3. This machine aims “best standard” coffee in all cases easily and actually do that! It has many customization options for most of the coffee lovers, like customizable coffee strength, customizable grinder level, customizable coffee volume, etc. All of that customization options gives you chance to make “your” coffee.

Bottom Line: Siemens EQ3 is one of the best entry level automatic Coffee Machine on the market. Easy, Fast and Delicious Coffee at home comfort with reasonable price range. Siemens guarantee that you can make 15.000 cups of coffee in its guarantee period for personal use (not for commercial use) with EQ3. This is really awesome especially for a budget automatic coffee machine.


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