Siemens EQ 500 Review

Siemens EQ.500 Classic Automatic Coffee Machine is a mid-level coffee machine with many extensive features. We have been using Siemens EQ.300 for more than 3 years and We are very satisfied. Although EQ.300 is a great coffee machine, EQ 500 has extensive enhancements over EQ.300.

siemens eq.500 Classic Coffee Machine upper front view
Best Mid Level Automatic for Home
siemens eq.500 Classic Coffee Machine upper front view

Siemens EQ.500 Classic Automatic Coffee Machine is a mid-level coffee machine with many extensive features over EQ.300.

  • TFT Color Display
  • Preset for Espresso
  • Preset for Cappuccino
  • Preset for Latte Macchiato
  • 1.7L Water Tank
  • 270 gr Bean Container
  • Cup Warmer
  • 62 db Silent Operation
  • Ceramic Grinder
  • Design

    Siemens EQ.500 Classic has an elegant and easy to use design. In contrast to Siemens EQ3 model, EQ.500 has multicolor graphical TFT screen. You see all your customizations and configuration on that screen. Actually, EQ3’s TFT screen is also fine, but EQ.500 is more convenient. It is What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) 🙂

    In the lower part of control panel, there are four predefined buttons for coffee brewing options and one button for milk heating option.

    Predefined coffee types are:

    • Espresso
    • Coffee Crema (Americano)
    • Cappuccino
    • Latte macchiato

    As you change coffee types, pictures of that type displayed at to upper colored TFT screen. Also a blue led lights just on the upper side of coffee you choose. That is very convenient.

    At the upper line, there four button (2 at left, 2 at right of middle TFT screen). These buttons are mainly for further customization options.

    First button (two coffee cup icon) is for one cup or two cup coffee. If you need two same kind of coffee immediately, two cup options might be very convenient (Actually I did not use this any more 🙂 )

    Second button (coffee bean icon) is for adjusting hardness of coffee. As you change hardness of coffee, it is displayed at the middle TFT screen. Actually I like changing hardness of coffee, and this easy option is very good.

    Third button (ml) is to adjust quantity of coffee. This amount changes according to coffee you choose. For example, If you choose Espresso, it starts at 30 ml. and as you press this button, it increments 5-ml each time up to 50-ml at most. This is absolutely one of the best features of Siemens EQ.500.

    And the four and right most button (Menu) is for extra options. There are many more options under that Menu.

    EQ.500 TP501R09 Specs

    Siemens EQ.500 Classic
    Bean Container270 gr
    Weight (kg)8.5 kg
    Water Reservoir1.7 Liters
    Pressure15 Bar
    Noise62 db
    oneTouch DoubleCupYes
    Cup WarmerNo
    Milk FrothingTube
    Wattage 1.500 W
    Siemens EQ.500 Classic TP501R09 Specs
    siemens eq 500 control panel

    Coffee Types

    Similar to Siemens EQ 300, Siemens EQ 500 have 4 predefined one-touch coffee type. If you prefer default values, you just choose coffee picture and start/stop button. Thats all! EQ 500 do the rest.

    If you want to make a custom coffee you have extra options. One of them is, hardness. Some people like softer coffee, whereas others prefer harder one. Fortunately, changing coffee hardness is also very easy. Just press coffee bean button as you wish. Other option is coffee amount milliliter. You can change coffee amount just by pressing ml button. In Espresso mode, each pressing increase amount 5 milliliter (30-35-40 etc.) but in Caffe Crema mode each pressing increase amount 20 ml (80-100-120 etc.). This increment is different in other coffee modes. This property was not available at Siemens EQ 300, and I loved it very much 🙂

    There are 4 predefined coffee type:

    • Espresso
    • Coffee Crema (Americano)
    • Cappuccino
    • Latte Macchiato
    • + Milk Froth

    With Milk Froth option, you can prepare many more other coffee types.

    My favorite is Espresso, of course. Its taste is very delicious and I liked it more than EQ 300s.

    siemens eq.500 classic grey coffee machine box front view

    Milky Coffee and Cleaning

    Siemens EQ 300 has a external Milk Nozzle for milky coffees. It is very convenient and best thing with that nozzle, its cleaning is very easy. You just wash that external nozzle. Thats all!

    On the other hand, Siemens EQ 500 has a completely different milky coffee preparation mechanism. It has an external pipe. When you want to make milky coffee, you dip that nozzle to milk container. EQ 500 pulls milk from that milk container and makes milky coffee at the end. Actually, it works fairly good. Some Siemens EQ 500 models, includes a milk container (like TQ505R09 model) but EQ 500 classic (TP505R01 model) is also fine.

    One of the most boring thing with automatic coffee machines is cleaning. In Siemens EQ.3, milk does not enter to the coffee machine. No internal pipeline = Very easy cleaning + Hygiene. But, in Siemens EQ 500, milk enters to coffee machine, to some extend. For this reason, you must make a fully-automatic steam cleaning of milk system. Not as practical as EQ.3, but not difficult at EQ 500. Just be careful for hygiene.

    siemens eq.500 coffee machine box and unboxed front view

    Siemens EQ.500 Bean Container & Grinder

    Similar to the Siemens EQ.300 model, Siemens EQ.500 has an easy to use bean container, at the top right of the coffee machine. When you want to add coffee beans, you just remove the top cover of bean container and fill it. Siemens EQ.500 has a 270 gr bean container. This is really enough for regular home usage.

    EQ.500 grind the coffee beans, just before brewing the coffee. For this reason you can get fresh and tasty coffee. In contrast to Siemens EQ.300 model, EQ.500 can use ground coffee! It is located just front of bean container. If you want to use ground coffee you can change input source from graphical interface easily. Although I prefer using bean coffee, option for ground coffee is a big plus.

    EQ.500 has a ceramic grinder. Ceramic grinders are superior to stainless-steel type grinders. Because, stainless-steel grinders easily heat as it is used. Hence coffee beans start to burnt and you get ruin flavor from any coffee you made. Fortunately, Siemens EQ.500 has ceramic grinder and you will not meet such a thing.

    What I most loved feature of EQ.500 is silent coffee bean grinder. It has a 62 db noise level and this is actually very good for an automatic coffee machine (it was 67 db at EQ.300). As a person, who used both Siemens EQ.300 and EQ.500, I can clearly conclude that EQ.500 is much more silent.

    siemens eq.500 coffee machine bean container

    Siemens EQ.500 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

    Metin Karal

    Easy to Use


    Siemens EQ.500 Classic Automatic Coffee Machine is a mid-level coffee machine with many extensive features. I have been using EQ.300 model for more than 3 years, and I can clearly conclude that EQ.500 is a big jump after EQ3.


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