Contigo AUTOSPOUT Chug Water Bottle Review

Contigo is one of the best Mug manufacturer company in the world. I have been using Contigo Westloop mugs for years without any problem. When I need a reliable water bottle, Contigo was the first brand in my mind. I saw Contigo water bottles at AMAZON but not tested before. After a short search, I decided to buy Contigo AUTOSPOUT Chug Water Bottle, 40 oz.

Contigo Chug Water Bottle Blue

Contigo AUTOSPOUT Chug Water Bottle


  • Easy to Use
  • Leak Proof
  • One Handed Usage
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Expensive
  • 40oz Model too big for Bag!

Contigo Chug Water Bottle Features

  • Leak proof Lid
  • Extra button lock system for additional safety
  • Convenient one handed drinking system
  • Made of 100% BPA Free plastic. Odor, stain and shatter resistant
  • Clip-on handle for easy carrying
  • Wide mouth for fast water flow design
  • Volume marking for convenience
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Contigo Water Bottle Colors and Sizes

Contigo Chug does not have much color options like other Contigo mugs. Color options are: Stormy Weather, Scuba, Monaco, Grapevine and Deep Dive. Size options are 24 oz, 32 oz and 40 oz. I would prefer orange color but it is an unavailable color option. For this reason, I preferred Deep Dive and 40 oz combination. In addition, finding 40 oz Contigo Chugs colors are difficult than 24 oz ones.

Since I needed a big water bottle, I preferred 40 oz model. This is fairly enough for my daily needs. But this size Contigo water bottle is a bit taller ( 10.39″ height). For this reason it is difficult to fit in a small bags and hard to carry by hand. Therefore if you don’t really need a big water bottle, don’t buy 40oz model. Contigo small water bottles (eg. 24oz) look more practical.

Contigo Chug Water Bottle Lid Open
Contigo Chug Water Bottle Lid Lock Mechanism

BPA-Free Plastic or Stainless Steel Model

Contigo Chug Water Bottle is usually sold as BPA Free plastic model. BPA-Free model is made of a durable plastic. It is not easy to scratch. Really good quality material. Since it is BPA Free, you can store your water safely. BPA Free model does not have insulation feature. For this reason, even if you fill it with cold water, it will be warm in a few hours.

Although Contigo Water Bottle is usually sold as BPA Free plastic model, it has a Stainless Steel model too. It has Vacuum Insulation. For this reason, you can store your cold (nor hot) water for hours. Ideal for Outdoor activities. In contrast to BPA Free model, Stainless Steel model body is not dishwasher safe (not recommended by manufacturer).

Final Verdict

Contigo Chug is very practical and easy to use as a water bottle. You can easily carry it in your hand bag, backpack or food bag (but not 40oz model!) It is extremely safe for leaking. It has a perfect lid lock mechanism. No leaking at all. You can use it in long trips, outdoor activities or anywhere you need fresh water safely. One handed drinking mechanism makes it very convenient. Wide mouth sustains fast water flow. When you press the button you can get your water flow fast.

Stainless Steel model has only 20 oz model, but it has vacuum insulation feature for cold water. Ideal for outdoor activities. Clip-on handle feature for easy carrying makes it ideal for outdoor. BPA Free plastic model is dishwasher safe but stainless steel model body is not safe for dishwasher.

After 3-4 months of usage, unfortunately the silicone separated from spout and water started to leak. Thanks to Contigo limited warranty: they replaced lid and we don’t have any problems now. Using perfect Water Bottle, as it is in the first day.

UPDATE: I bought an another water bottle Contigo Cortland, which has similar features with Contigo Chug. It’s Amazon score is a bit higher than Chug. Recently, I discovered that lid of Contigo Cortland fits to Contigo Chug. Their lids are compatible with each others.

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