Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Travel Mug Review

After in-depth research by searching product features and reading reviews in many sites, I see that Contigo family Mugs are one of the most prefered Travel Mugs. There are many thermoses of Contigo, like, Byron, Aria, Transit and West Loop.

Contigo West Loop

Exceptional Travel Mug at Reasonable Price: Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Travel Mug

Besides the features of West Loop, I liked the look of Contigo West Loop. Especially Stainless Steel model looks very attractive. There are plenty of other colors like black, chard, dark plum, earl grey, latte trans matte 🙂 Yes cool color names too 🙂 Here I should notice that, if you buy colored models, color will come off when you wash them in dishwasher. For this reason, only stainless steel version is machine wash friendly. Colored paint models must be washed manually. If it looks hard for you, go with stainless steel model.


How to Find a Good Deal @ Amazon?

When I decided to buy, the rest was easy. Firstly, I put it to my Amazon shopping basked and started waiting! If I want to buy something, I do it very often. I’m sure that, most of you do it that way. When a price drop (or increase) happened, Amazon warns you about that, when you login Amazon. I caught many remarkable discounts in that way. I advise you too.

In addition, other good way to catch discount is to follow good deal sites. I regularly check Slick Deals. It’s a great site. If you have not heard that before, I recommend you to check it. It’s a good place, not only to discover good deals but also to learn up-to-date market trends. Discussions are also helpful too.

Anyway, in a few weeks I found a good deal. Two West Loop was about half of its regular price! Awesome deal! It was a lucky day and bought two Stainless Steel model 🙂

Pack come with neat package. Package content was fairly simple. Contigo Mug and a brief safety manual. Which was enough!

Contigo West Loop Features

Actually, like other Contigo Thermoses, West Loop was full of good features. Some of them can be summarized like that:

Contigo  - Matte Black Color
  • Autoseal Technology – Press, Sip and Seal
  • Double Wall Stainless Steel with Vacuum Insulation
  • Keeps 5-hours Hot, 12-Hours Cold
  • Button Lock (For Extra safety)
  • 16 ounces, 20 ounces, or 24 ounces Models
  • Leak and Spill Proof
  • Can be used with one hand, safely.
  • Fits most of the cup holders
  • Easy-Clean Contigo Lid

After around 1 year of usage, I can say that listed features are fairly true.

  • Autoseal feature is very easy. Just press button and drink safely.
  • Not used for cold drinks much, but used for hot drinks (especially as coffee mug) it keeps hot really. Sometimes, I open the lid to make it warmer!
  • Button Lock is for extra safety and works great.
  • Using 16 ounce model, which is fairly enough for regular use.
  • Really Leak and Spill Proof. Haven’t seen any leak or spill.
  • Easily used with one hand. Just press and drink.
  • Unfortunately doesn’t fit my car cup holder 🙁
  • Contigo Lid can be easily cleaned by hand and machine.

Interior of mug is stainless steel. On the other hand after 1 year, color of bottom interior is a bit changed. I do not know whether it is residues of coffee or any deformation of steel(?) but there is no change in taste of drinks.

In order to make a good Coffee or Tea, you should also use good water! Regular tap water might not be enough for good drink, especially if you are living in a rural area. Brita Water Filter Jugs might help you. Check Brita Marella Review here.


  • Leak and Spill Proof
  • One Hand, Easy Use
  • Keeps 5-hours Hot, 12-Hours Cold
  • Easy Clean Lid
  • Dishwasher Safe (Metallic Color)
  • Button Lock (For Extra safety)
  • Fits Most of the Cup Holders


  • Not Fitting to Some Car Holders!

Contigo Westloop Review Summary

Contigo West Loop  Chard Color

Contigo West Loop is certainly a superb travel mug. It met all expectations from a travel mug. Keeps hot and cold at least 4-5 hours. Absolutely Leak and Spill Proof. Extremely safe; put it in your bag and forgot about it (Button Lock for extra safety too). Easy drink with one hand. Easy clean… What else you would want from a Travel Mug?

Best think with Contigo West Loop is its Performance/Price ratio. It is very high. There are many great Mugs in the market like, Zojirushi. But Contigo West Loop performance/price ratio is great for daily usage. You may find it around $15-$20 price range in Amazon usually, which is very reasonable.

In short, besides great features like Autoseal, button lock and spill & leak proof features are very important safety assets. Certainly, it is very easy to use. Take it in the morning, go any where you like and use it. Very comfortable.

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