Brita Marella Water Filter Jugs Review

Brita Marella XL Water Filter Jugs are designed to filter tap water and reduce Chloride, limescale and some metals (lead and copper) from regular tap water, that makes your water much more healthy and clean. You just fill the Pitcher with tap water and get clear and quality water in a few minutes. It is an affordable alternative to bottled water. In this Brita water filter pitcher review, Marella XL jugs is reviewed in detail which can be described as one of the best water filter jugs on the market.

Brita Water Filter Jug Marella XL Blue
Brita Water Filter Jug


  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • High Filtration Capacity (3.5L)
  • Reduce Limescale
  • Reduce Chloride
  • Reduce Heavy Metals
  • Prolong Appliance Life
  • Budget Friendly
  • Environment Friendly


  • No Much Change in Water Taste
  • Changing Cartridge is Difficult

Does Brita Water Filter Really Works?

Brita water filter pitcher claims that, it converts regular tap water to great tasting water. But I’m not agree about the taste. Taste of filtered water is good but certainly not like a spring water. However, it definitely reduce limescale in tap water. You may see it from kettle and iron. Almost no limescale after Brita filter jugs. As a result, that might prolong the life of appliances. I also notice that, tea and coffee gets softened and become more aromatic after Brita Marella. Also, if you are living in rural area or having hard water, Brita Marella might be good, easy and affordable alternative for you.

Brita Marella XL Capacity

Brita Marella XL has 3.5 Liter capacity, but that doesn’t meant you will get 3.5L water each time you fill the jugs. In each full tap water fill, you get around 2.0 Liter of filtered water which is filtrated in 2-3 minutes.

Brita Marella Water Filter Memo Display

Brita water filter pitcher has a “Memo” on lid that shows you percentage of filter usage and informs you to replace filter. You must change Maxtra plus filter cartridges every 4-weeks. Notice that, LCD memo lid is working as countdown for 4-weeks. It doesn’t count how much water is filtered. For this reason, I think, if you feel the taste of filtered water started to change, you must change filter cartridge. Brita recommends you to change Maxtra plus Brita water filter for every 100 liter of filtration or 4-weeks. Otherwise, if you don’t change cartridge for a long time, you get only regular tap water taste!

Brita Marella XL Water Filter Memo Lid

Brita Water Filter Jug have a “Memo” on lid that shows you percentage of filter usage and informs you to replace filter cartridges.

How to Reset Brita Marella Memo Display?

When you change your Brita water filter, you must also reset your LCD Memo Lid. LCD Memo Lid is actually a very simple LCD display showing the percentage of how much your water filter is used. It does not measure how much water is filtered. It is just a countdown for 4-weeks. It has % 100 75 50 25 labels and LCD level bars. When it reaches %25 level, actually you start to get bad tasted filtered water. When you get that bad/regular tap water taste, you should change your Water filter. After you changed water filter, resetting LCD Memo Display is very simple: Just push “Start” Button on the Memo Lid and your percentage level fills to %100. That much easy!

Although I did not meet but your LCD Memo Display battery might be finished or simply your LCD Display might be out of order. Solution is very simple: Order a new display from Amazon or nearest store. It is really cheap.

Brita Maxtra Plus Review

Brita Maxtra Plus Filter Cartridge

Brita Maxtra+ cartridges are successor of Maxtra cartridges. Maxtra+ is made up of carbon coconut shells. Micro carbon pearls actively adsorbs Chloride on the water and locks it to its pores. In addition to chloride, Brita Maxtra plus effectively reduce limescale, lead and copper. Brita Maxtra plus Cartridges are the most important part of the jug and all the improvements and filtration is handled by this filter. Also Maxtra plus Cartridges are 100 percent recyclable. Environment friendly way of getting drinking water!

After using Brita Maxtra+ filters for a few months, I see that, Maxtra plus filters really reduce limescale substantially but taste of the water is not as good as I expected. Yes, it is better that tap water but, not like spring water! So, I started to search alternative compatible Brita water filter replacement and found it: BWT Water Filter

BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water Cartridge
Brita Maxtra+ Compatible BWT Magnesium Cartridge

BWT Magnesium filter also filter tap water and eliminates lime scale, heavy metals and unwanted substances that impair water taste. In addition, BWT water filter enriches the water with Magnesium Ions and that improves taste of water. Also, I must admit that, BWT filter definitely soften water.

BWT Magnesium filter is compatible with Brita maxtra plus filters and can be used with Brita Marella XL or any other Maxtra+ compatible Brita jugs.

Bad thing with BWT Magnesium filters is their prices. Price of BWT filters are a bit more than Maxtra plus, but not too much. I think, it worth definitely.

Check out our Best Water Filter Pitcher Replacement Cartridges in 2020 review at @ IZREVIEW for very detailed Brita water pitcher replacement filter alternatives.

Brita Aluna Review

Brita Aluna Water Filter Jug

Brita Aluna is also good water jug of Brita. It is narrower than Brita Marella and this is a big plus because Aluna Fit to Fridge Door. You fill your Brita Aluna with tap water and directly put it to your Fridge door. No extra storage is need for cold water. Very practical for daily use.

Bad thing with Brita Aluna is its water capacity. Although it has 2.4L capacity, you can get only 1.4L of water at the clean water storage area. When you use that 1.4L, other part start to filtrate and become usable. This proportion at Brita Marella XL is 3.5L/2.0L which is fairly enough for daily use. You need to re-fill your Brita Aluna frequently. If you are using too much water, Brita Aluna might not be a good choice for you. Brita Marella XL has much more capacity and same functionality except for fridge door fit.

Water fill methodology for Brita Aluna is much more different than Brita Marella. You need to remove upper lid completely at Brita Aluna and after that you can fill the tap water. But at Marella you only open some part of the lid and fill the tap water. As a person who is using both Aluna and Marella, I can conclude that Brita Marella is more practical than Aluna.

Brita Marella vs Elemaris vs Aluna

Brita Marella XLBrita Elemaris XLBrita Aluna
Push ButtonPlasticRubberN/A
Non Slip BaseNoYes, RubberNo
Fill Pointat Backin MiddleFlip top Lid
Plastic MaterialBetterFairFair
Capacity 3.5L/2.0L3.5L/2.2L2.4L/1.4L
Memo LidCountdown 4 WeeksMeasures Hardness, volume and time.Countdown 4 Weeks
Fit to Fridge DoorNoNoYes

What is the Best Brita Water Pitcher?

There are many Brita water pitcher on the market, like Marella, Elemaris, Style, Aluna . Although they seems different in terms of view, capacity and material all produce same quality water. Because, all of them use same water filter cartridges. Since all the filtration is done by filter cartridges, shape or material of the pitcher is not so important for water quality. Brita water jugs comes with maxtra plus cartridges. They lasts after 4 weeks. If you did not like taste of your filtered water, after 4 weeks you can change your filter and test other compatible filters. More or less all replacement cartridges are similar but some of them has additional features. You can see our detailed Best Water Filter Pitcher Replacement Cartridges in 2020 review.

Brita Marella Water Filter Review Summary

Brita Marella Water Filter Jugs are cheap and easy to use water filters for kitchen and rural area. When Brita filters used, tap water taste doesn’t change much but limescale decrease noticeably. That might prolongs the life of appliances. Reduction of chloride and other heavy metals are also another bonus too.

Marella XL uses Maxtra plus filters but taste of water does not change much when used Maxtra plus. If your tap water taste is bad, (like mine) you may try an another compatible Brita filter replacement might be good for you. BWT Magnesium filter is a good replacement for Maxtra+ filters with better water taste. Beside, Magnesium makes water much more softer and preferable. I’m using BWT magnesium filters for 5-6 months. So far, so good 🙂

Brita Elemaris XL is also a good jug of Brita, having better water measurement tools. But Marella is more recent and has better functionality. Brita Marella is one of the best water filter pitcher of 2020 on the market.

Jug can be cleaned in dishwasher (except for lid).

Here, I must mention about one bad feature of Brita Marella: Changing the filter cartridge is a bit difficult. Removing the cartridge is very easy but, inserting the new filter cartridge and fixing it is a bit difficult. If you can’t fix it in a proper way, water goes directly to the filtered water area. You must remove and re-insert the cartridge to properly install.

In short, Brita Marella XL is extremely easy to use water filter jugs. Just fill the jug, wait a few minutes and get highly improved water. Quick and environment friendly way of getting high quality water.

Brita Marella Water Filter Jugs


Easy to Use


Reduce Limescale


Prolong Appliance Life


Budget Friendly


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  2. Easy to Use


    Reduce Limescale


    Prolong Appliance Life


    Budget Friendly


    Using marella for one years. Really effective jugs.

  3. Easy to Use


    Reduce Limescale


    Prolong Appliance Life


    Budget Friendly


    Ottima recensione, chiara ed esaustiva. Mi chiedo però come sia stato possibile adattare i filtri BWT alla caraffa Brita Merella, quella di ultima generazione, in quanto l’ho comprata a luglio 2020 e monta nell’imbuto, all’interno della nicchia di alloggiamento del filtro, una valvola che rende impossibile l’utilizzo di altri filtri che non siano gli originali Maxtra+, oltre al fatto che l’ovale del filtro è leggerissimamente diverso cosicchè il filtro non originale non aderisce perfettamente ai bordi. Scelta dell’azienda Brita molto furba, discriminante e discutibile, ma giustificabile dal fatto che l’utente finale e poi “costretto” a comprare volente o nolente i filtri di loro produzione (che non sono poi sto granchè).
    Ho fatto presente la cosa al servizio mail di assistenza, mandando anche delle foto, ma loro imperterriti hanno continuato a sostenere che tra i 2 modelli Brita Marella non c’è alcuna differenza.
    Ho avviato una procedura di contestazione a mezzo “AltroConsumo” in quanto intendo essere rimborsato.

    1. Yes, using (fitting) BWT fiters to Brita Marella XL a bit difficult but if you press a bit firmly it fits. Finised 6 pack of BWT filters at Birita Marella XL.

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