Panasonic Evolta Rechargeable Battery Review

Most people, who cares about nature, prefer rechargeable batteries, instead of alkaline (one time) batteries. EVOLTA series of Panasonic Rechargeable batteries have a proven name in this area, which are also the best batteries I have ever used.

Panasonic EVOLTA Batteries

By Metin KARAL – Review Editor

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Pros: Ready to use, pre-charged, stay charged, high performance

Cons: Discontinued, hard to find.

Brand: Panasonic

Ready-to-Use Batteries

Panasonic EVOLTA batteries are Ready to Use batteries, meaning you can use them as soon as you buy it. They are pre-charged in fabric.

What I love most about EVOLTA is that: they stay charged even if you don’t use them. This is very important. I’m sure you have met that you charge a battery (eg. searchlight) and you did not use it for 6 months but, when you need to use, it’s not working, because its batteries are de-charged without using anymore!

Fortunately this bad situation is over in new generation batteries. Different Companies uses different naming, like Ready-to-Use, Ready2Use, Rechargeable ACCU but in principal they are very similar and works in the same way.

Panasonic EVOLTA batteries can retain %80 of its capacity after 1 year! (Very similar to Eneloop Batteries)

Panasonic EVOLTA batteries can be charged more than 500 times. This is a “real world” value and it’s great. You can use them 5-10 years! I bought my last EVOLTA around 6 years ago and they are still working good.

My Test Experience

Certainly best feature of Panasonic EVOLTA rechargeable battery is its capacity and performance.

I use a pair of EVOLTA in my electrical toothbrush and it lasts around 2-3 months without charging. Certainly this is a great value. Here, I should state that, besides the quality of batteries, the battery charger is also very important.

I have used a regular 4-port charger to charge the EVOLTA batteries for 4 years. After a full charge my batteries were lasting for 2-3 weeks. 1 years ago, I changed my charger to DURACELL CEF14 series and my same EVOLTA batteries last about 3 months!

Certainly great difference..

Panasonic Evolta Batteries with DURACELLCEF14 Charger
Panasonic Evolta Batteries with DURACELLCEF14 Charger

Panasonic Evolta vs Eneloop Batteries

Panasonic replaced EVOLTA batteries with Panasonic ENELOOP rechargeable batteries which have great enhancements in battery life cycle and performance. Eneloop batteries can be described as “the best rechargeable batteries” on the market!

Eneloop batteries are low self discharge and made of LSD Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) cells. Like Evolta batteries, Eneloop battery is also pre charged and and stay charged. They maintain their charge level for months, even they are not in use. They hold its 90% capacity after 6-months. Even better they hold its 70% capacity after 10 years! This is something marvelous! In addition, they can be charged 2100 times.

This Japan made high capacity batteries can be used best in high drain devices, like digital cameras and electronic toys. They can be found as 800mAh AAA and 2000mAh AA models with 4-pack and 8-pack or mixed with charger.

Major difference between Panasonic Evolta vs Eneloop batteries are their life cycle. Panasonic Eneloop batteries are successor of Evolta with additional great features. Evolta batteries are at the end of their life cycle and almost discontinued. It is very difficult to find a Panasonic Evolta battery on the market. On the other hand, Actually Eneloop is one of the best selling rechargeable battery on the market.

Panasonic EVOLTA Batteries Review Summary

Panasonic has made a great job with EVOLTA batteries. They are pre-charged (Ready to use as soon as you buy it) and stay-charged (Retain its %80 capacity after 1 year, even if you don’t use). Recently Panasonic replaced EVOLTA series with ENELOOP, which are also great batteries with many great improvements.

Last thing: Besides quality of rechargeable battery, battery charger you use is very important. Search for a modern battery charger. Good chargers expand your battery performance excessively.

Written by Metin Karal
Metin Karal is a Computer Engineer and He is interested in reviewing products that He used or liked. He also likes programming in C#. Currently, He is developing a really challenging memory game, PairMem which is available at  Official Microsoft Store for free download.

Panasonic Rechargeable Evolta Battery Review

Metin Karal

Long Lasting
Pre Charged
Stay Charged
Charge Cycle


Panasonic Rechargeable EVOLTA batteries have exceptional performance in real life usage. They are Pre-Charged and Stay Charged with great endurance.


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