Adidas Stan Smith Shoes Review

Adidas Stan Smith - Durable but Expensive

As a person who has been used and loved Superstar for a long time, using Stan Smith was a bit harder for me, which was durable and expensive.

I have always wanted a classical Adidas Stan Smith Green as well but I always thought it was way more expensive than its other competitors so I kept on delaying for a year. In the end of a year my parents finally found a great deal and they decided to buy it for me. I was really surprised and happy because I was never able to pay it. I was so happy that, I decided to wear it every single day. But there was a problem about it. Even though I literally bought it with the same size as my old Adidas Superstar this shoes weren’t comfy as it. First week of Adidas Stan Smith was really hard for me. The back of my feet hurted so much that I couldn’t even stand wearing it. It put way to much pressure on my footbed.

Red Adidas Stan Smith - Durable but Expensive

This model obviously made a name for the brand so that’s how it became an iconic shoe

This shoes are hard to wear. Even thought I bought it, exactly in my size, the back of my feet bleed and hurted so bad. The feeling of it wasn’t bad in the middle of my feet. The problem is, if I wear my Stan Smith on a active day, I just can’t wait to come home and get rid of my socks and shoes. The thing is that the bottom of Stan Smith is not as comfy as I would like them to be. My foot feel sweaty and tired right after the day I wear it.


My overall review is that, this shoes don’t deserve the hype and price but I also should mention how easy this shoes adapt to outfits. I can wear shorts, leggings or a cute dress and throw this shoes on by still looking good. This model obviously made a name for the brand so that’s how it became iconic shoes. They are durable and expensive! Would I buy it again? No. Do I appreciate mine? Yes.

After 1 year, my Adidas Stan Smith

After a year of hard use, my shoes look like this 🙂

Adidas Stan Smith

$80 (in Official Store)





Light Weight





  • Cute
  • Fits easily to outfits
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Not Breathable

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  1. the design of these shoes look very basic to me, and excessively expensive for a pair of shoes that look like this, thanks for the awesome review!!

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