Crocs Classic Clog Review

Crocs Classic Clog - Red One - Relaxing Slippers

Crocs Classic Clog are relaxing slippers and customizable with Jibbitz ™ charms

I found a great deal and purchased these for less than 10 pounds three years ago. It was spontaneous and I had no high expectations. My intention was wearing them only for beach days but the more I wore them the more I felt so comfortable . I must admit, these Crocs Classic Clog aren’t the best looking shoes on the net, but I have to give credit that these are very relaxing slippers and durable at the same time.

Crocs Classic Clog - Blue One, Front View - Relaxing Slippers

Three years of hard using, I only damaged the plastic near logo.

The color is still bright, the plastic hasn’t loosen and the shape still looks pretty dope. I used these ones more that I expected. I am looking for some sales to repurchase different colors. The one problem is that the measurement chart is a bit different than usual. So you got to be extra careful if you’re planning on buying these online. I accidentally bought one size larger, but I still enjoy my experience 🙂

Crocs Classic Clog Specifications (From Crocs Official Site)

  • Incredibly light and fun to wear
  • Water-friendly and buoyant; weighs only ounces
  • Ventilation ports add breathability and help shed water and debris
  • Easy to clean and quick to dry
  • Pivoting heel straps for a more secure fit
  • Customizable with Jibbitz ™ charms
  • Iconic Crocs Comfort™: Lightweight. Flexible. 360-degree comfort.

Crocs Classic Clog






Light Weight





  • Very Light
  • Comfortable
  • Cute
  • Color Options


  • Number chart is odd
  • Weird looking

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  1. crocs seem so comfy and affordable but i never got myself to buy them, thanks to you im thinking of buying one now!!

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