The Best Water Filter Jugs Review – 2021

Water filter jugs are becoming more and more popular in recent years. Reasons vary from one people to another. Some prefer water filter jugs due to their Eco-friendly nature, some for economical reasons and some others for portability advantages. What ever the reason, it is clear that, there is a massive movement from bottled water to filtered water.

Why are Water Filter Jugs so Popular?


Once you buy a water filter jugs, you use that jugs for many years to produce high-quality water. You just change filter cartridges regularly (usually once a month) which are usually made from Eco-friendly materials (like coconut). When you start using water filter jugs, you will not need to use plastic-bottled waters. No need to mention about harmful effects of plastic materials for the nature. By using filter jugs you will help reducing plastic waste and its CO2 footprint. Water filter jugs are one of the most eco-friendly way of getting high-quality water.


You only buy a water filter jugs, which costs around 20-30 $/£/€ and use that jugs for many years. Plus you must replace water filter cartridge regularly (usually once a month). Price of 6-pack water filter replacement cartridge is around 15-30 $/£/€. In total, you just pay 40-50 $/£/€ for 6-months. This means you only pay 0.30 cents for a day. Really economical solution for bottled water.

Easy to Use

They are extremely easy to use. You just fill your water filter jugs with tap water and wait for 2-3 minutes. That is all thing you must do to get a high-quality water. Even easier than going and buying bottled water!

Clean Water

Most water filter jugs significantly reduce chloride, limescale and some metals (lead and copper) from tap water. Even more, some water filter cartridges can reduce Arsenic and Fluoride. At the end, you get much more clean water without hard work!

Mineralized Water

Some water filters allows you to mineralize your water. For example BWT Magnesium filters add magnesium ions to your water which makes your water better tasting. If taste of your water is bad, you must consider that kind of filters.

Almost no Maintenance

Most water filter jugs needs almost no maintenance. You just replace replacement cartridge once a month. Thats it all. Most of the jugs are dishwasher safe.

The Best Water Filter Jugs

Brita Marella XL Water Filter Jugs

Brita Marella XL Blue

Brita is one of the oldest and best company in the water filtration area. Established in 1966 and has great knowledge about water filtration technology. Actually they are pioneer in the market. Especially in jugs and filters.

Marella XL is one of the best water filter jugs of Brita. Material used is CE Certified Food Grade Quality. It has a 2.4L filtered and 3.5L total water capacity. As you pour 2.4L filtered water, remaining 1.1L water starts to filtrate. (2.4L/3.5L)

Brita Marella XL is extremely easy to use filter jugs. You can fill the jug without removing the lid with single hand. Just fill the jug with tap water and wait 2 minutes. Thats all!

Brita Marella XL can reduce Limescale, Chlorine and other substances that change taste of water. In addition, lead and copper metals are also reduced. Marella XL do all that filtration with MAXTRA+ filters. It is certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53. Brita MAXTRA plus filters are heart of Brita jugs. All the filtration is carried out by MAXTRA plus filters. They are produced from carbon of coconut shells. Micro carbon pearls actively adsorbs Chloride in the water and locks it to its pores. That produce tasty and odorless water. Environment friendly way of getting quality water!

Brita Marella XL has a dimension of 25.6 x 25.8 x 14.7 cm (W x H x D). For this reason does not fit fridge door. If you are planning to use it, in fridge door, you must choose Fridge Fit Size model with 25.6 x 25.8 x 10.4 cm (W x H x D) size. Notice that Fridge Fit Size model is thinner than XL model and has less capacity ( 1.4L/2.4L , instead of 2.4L/3.5L)

Brita Marella Memo Display

Brita Marella XL is dishwasher safe (excluding lid). On the lid, it has a LCD memo display. LCD Memo Lid is actually a very simple LCD display to show the percentage of how much your water filter is used. It does not measure how many liter of water is filtered. It is just a countdown for 4-weeks

Brita Marella XL Water Filter Jugs


  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • High Filtration Capacity (3.5L)
  • Reduce Limescale
  • Reduce Chloride
  • Reduce Lead
  • Reduce Copper
  • Prolong Appliance Life
  • Budget Friendly
  • BPA Free Material
  • CE Certified Food Grade Quality
  • NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 Certificate Filter
  • Environment Friendly


  • XL model does not fit fridge door
  • Changing Cartridge is a bit difficult

In short, Brita Marella XL is perfect water filter jugs for every kitchen. It is very easy to use. You can easily fill the jug with one hand. Just fill and wait 2 minutes for high quality water. I’m using that jugs for 1.5 years without any problem and it is still robust. Marella has a Maxtra plus filter (like most other Brita Jugs) and that German made filter really makes good filtration. On the other hand, XL model does not fit to fridge door. If you are planning to use Marella, you must choose Fridge Fit Size model of Marella.

ZeroWater ZP-010 Water Filter Pitcher

ZeroWater ZP-010 Water Filter Pitcher

ZeroWater is an American company, founded in 2002 and produce mainly water filtration related products. ZeroWater ZP-010 Water Filter Pitcher is one of them. It has a classical clean design. Smooth surface is a plus feature while cleaning. Pitcher is made of transparent, BPA-Free high quality material. ZeroWater ZP-010 has a Comfort Grip Handle for easy usage.

ZeroWater ZP-010 has a great 5-stage filter:

  • Stage-1: Removes suspended solids such as dust and rust, which makes water blurred
  • Stage-2: Removes other suspended solids
  • Stage-3: Removes organic contaminants; Mercury, Chlorine, pesticides, herbicides
  • Stage-4: Removes inorganic compounds, like metals, non-metals and contaminants
  • Stage-5: Removes remaining suspended solids.
ZeroWater ZP-010 Water Filters 6-pack

Instead of carbon filtration, ZeroWater filters use Ion Exchange Technology to eliminate contaminants. These filters are certified to NFS/ANSI Standard 53 to remove 99% of lead and chromium from regular tap water. This is awesome!

Bad thing with NSF certified ZeroWater filters is while removing inorganic and organic contaminants, it also removes dissolved solids. After all you get “highly” purified water. Taste of this water is a bit sour. If you drank reverse-osmosis water before, you will understand what I mean.

Other bad thing with ZeroWater ZP-010 is, by design, upper reservoir capacity is only 1/4 of lower reservoir. In order to fully fill lower reservoir, you must refill upper reservoir many times. If you are in a hurry, this might be a problem.

ZeroWater ZP-010 water filter pitcher comes with a free total dissolved solids (TDS) meter. This TDS meter is used to measure water TDS before and after filtration. By that way, you see how well filtration is done. If you see higher results, you will understand that filter is getting out and time to replace it. This is much more accurate method compared to Brita Marella’s memo display.

ZeroWater ZP-010 Water Filter Pitcher


  • Easy to Use
  • 10 Cups Filtration Capacity
  • Reduce Dust and Rust
  • Reduce Chromium
  • Reduce Mercury
  • Reduce Lead
  • Reduce Pesticides, Herbicides
  • Prolong Appliance Life
  • Budget Friendly
  • BPA Free Material
  • NSF/ANSI Standards 53 Certificate Filter
  • TDS Meter
  • Environment Friendly


  • Slow Filtration Speed
  • Soar Taste

In short, ZeroWater ZP-010 water filter pitcher has a great 5-stage filtration system. This filtration removes almost all contaminants, including dust, rust, mercury, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, some metals and non-metals. Actually ZP-10 can be considered as the best water filter jugs, in terms of filtarion. Bad thing with ZeroWater is, highly purified water is a bit soar. Some people find the taste less natural, but for some people, filtration quality is more important and taste is less important. Filtration capacity of ZeroWater filters is 25 to 40 gallons, depends on TDS amount in your area.

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