Adidas Duramo 8 Running Shoes Review

Adidas Duramo 8 - Black, Side View

Adidas Duramo 8 is one of the lightest and comfortable shoes of Adidas, with breathable mesh upper and cloudfoam midsole.

I have bought Adidas Duramo 8 running shoes more than one year ago after hard researches on the Internet. After one year I see that, I made a good choice! It is so light and comfortable that, I wear it almost every weekend in the summer with great comfort. Comfortibility of Adidas Duramo 8 comes from its Cloudfoam midsole and lightweight (Less than 300 grams!, Size 10). Cloudfoam midsole absorbs shocks very well. Beside shock absorbs, even in daily walks, your feet get relaxed after hours. During my last trip, walked more than 15 Kilometer a day without any hassle. Definitely this is due to Cloudfoam midsole. Surely Adidas boost models absorb shocks much better but Duramo 8 is fairly enough for daily walking with great price (Perfect price/performance ratio!)

Adidas Duramo 8 - Mesh Upper

Here, I must mention about Duramo 8’s breathable mesh upper.

Adidas Duramo 8 – Mesh Upper

Air Mesh upper is a standard (and must!) in a good walking/running shoes nowadays, Adidas Duramo 8 too. During hot (+40 °C) summer days breathability of a good shoes are something vital. Exhalation of heat from shoes make your feet healthy and comfortable. Upper mesh is so breathable that I can feel very very small wind blow around! (Really!). I did not have a shoe like this before. Backside of this is that, if very little amount of water drops on to upper mesh, it gets in to the shoes. That might be annoying when you are washing your face in lavatory 🙂

Another small but important properties of Adidas Dumo 8 is its anti-static electrical structure. I’m sure that most of you “shocked” with static electricity when you touch metallic things or when you get off the car. Some shoes don’t allow static electric to ground and when you touch some thing conductive all static electric accumulated in your body quickly ground. I don’t know you, but I hate that shock! Fortunately due-to its rubber sole, Duramo 8 allows static electric to ground and prevents you from shocking! 🙂

Update: This year Adidas released new generation of Duramo 9. I did not tried it and have no idea about its usability. If you have chance to try both Duramo 8 and 9 in a real store try it and leave a comment here 🙂

Also I should note that Duramo 8 is still available in many online stores, including Amazon.

Sizes of Adidas Duramo 8 is a bit smaller than regular shoes, like most Adidas shoes. I recommend you buy at least half size bigger.

Review Verdict

Adidas Duramo 8 has a great price/performance ratio. Its Cloudfoam midsole and upper mesh makes these shoes great for long walking. Sizes run small. If possible try it in a real store, if not buy at least half size bigger.

Adidas Duramo 8

Starts $35





Light Weight





  • Air mesh breathability
  • Cloudfoam midsole
  • Ultra light
  • Rubber sole
  • Good price/performance ratio


  • Not suitable for winter

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