Adidas Duramo 8 Running Shoes Review

Adidas Duramo 8 Running Shoes - Black Color

Lightest Adidas Shoes at Affordable Price: Adidas Duramo 8 Running Shoes. Exceptional Comfort with Breathable Mesh Upper and Cloudfoam Midsole.

I have bought Adidas Duramo 8 black running shoes more than one year ago after hard researches on the Internet. After one year I see that, I made a good decision! It is so light and comfortable that, I wear it almost every weekend in the summer with great comfort.

Adidas Duramo Series

Adidas Duramo series are usually known as one of the best price/performance ratio running shoes. They are very comfortable and lightweight. You can walk/run many kilometers without any problem. Although they have premium features, they are usually in discount and as I said Adidas Duramo series usually have great price/performance ratio.

Adidas Duramo 8 Features

  • Breathable air mesh upper for flexibility and comfort
  • 100% Textile
  • Seamless construction
  • Midfoot TPU cage for maximum Support
  • Cloudfoam midsole for maximum Comfort and Cushioning
  • ADIWEARβ„’ outsole for maximum Durability

First Impression

When I got the Duramo 8, I thought that, they are very rough! Especially Cloudfoam midsole was very thick. Yes, I saw it in Internet, but did not liked thick midsole when I take it in my hands. Fortunately, I realized great features of Cloudfoam midsole, as I use it.

Duramo 8 Comfort

Comfortability of Adidas Duramo8 comes from its Cloudfoam midsole and lightweight (Less than 300 grams!, Size 10). Cloudfoam midsole absorbs shocks very well. Beside shock absorbs, even in daily walks, your feet get relaxed after hours. During my last trip in Italy, walked more than 15 Kilometer a day without any hassle. Definitely this is due to Cloudfoam midsole. Surely Adidas boost models absorb shocks much better but Duramo 8 is fairly enough for daily walking with great price (Perfect price / performance ratio!)

Duramo Mesh Upper and Breathability

Air Mesh upper is a standard (and must!) in a good walking/running shoes nowadays as Adidas Duramo 8 too. During hot (+40 Β°C) summer days breathability of a good shoe is something vital. Exhalation of heat from shoes make your feet healthy and comfortable. Adidas Duramo 8 Upper mesh is so breathable that I can feel very small wind blows around! (Really!). I did not have a shoe like this before. Backside of this is that, if very little amount of water drops on to upper mesh, it gets in to the shoes. That might be annoying when you are washing your face in lavatory πŸ™‚

Adidas Duramo 8 - Mesh Upper - Most comfortable Adidas shoes

Duramo 8’s breathable mesh upper makes it extremely comfortable in very hot weathers.

Shock Free Rubber Sole!

Another small but important properties of Adidas Duramo8 is its anti-static electrical sole. I’m sure that most of you “shocked” with static electricity when you touch metallic things or when you get off the car. Some shoes don’t allow static electric to ground and when you touch something conductive, all static electric accumulated in your body quickly ground. I don’t know you, but I hate that shock! Fortunately due to its rubber sole, Adidas Duramo8 allows static electric to ground and prevents you from shocking! πŸ™‚

Shoes Sizes

Sizes of Adidas Duramo 8 m running shoes is a bit smaller than regular shoes, like most Adidas shoes. It really runs small. I recommend you buy at least half size bigger.

Adidas Duramo 8 Durability

Duramo 8 has Adiwear outsole. That new tech textile makes it very durable and long lasting. Actually it seems like a cheap regular textile upper, but it is not! I’m using shoes more than 1.5 year and no deformation or wear-out yet. Besides upper mesh sole, other parts like midsole or rubber sole is still tight and robust.

Is Adidas Duramo 8 Machine Washable?

Yes πŸ™‚ Machine washed at least 4-5 times and no deformation. After machine wash, they still looks like new, and I love it πŸ™‚

Adidas Duramo 8 Front View - After Machine Wash
Adidas Duramo 8 Front View – After Machine Wash

Adidas Duramo 8 vs Duramo 9

This year Adidas released new generation of Duramo 9. Adidas Duramo 9 has a new look and similar material. I did not tried it and have no idea about its usability. If you have chance to try both Duramo 8 and Duramo 9 in a real store, please try it and leave a comment here about Duramo 8 vs Duramo 9 πŸ™‚ Also I should note that Duramo 8 is still available in many online stores, including Amazon with affordable prices.


Adidas Duramo 8 has a great price/performance ratio. Since it is a previous generation shoe, its prices are very affordable compared to Adidas Duramo 9 and similar level training shoes. Although it is a previous generation shoe, it is still a premium level shoe with great features. If you find a good deal, don’t loose it!

Adidas Duramo 8 is advertised as “running” shoes, but if you are a serious runner, you should go with boost models (Which are more expensive models). But, if you are planning to to use it for daily workout, running and outdoor activities, Duramo 8 is absolutely good choice. Its Cloudfoam midsole and upper mesh makes these shoes suitable for long walking. Great price/performance ratio.

Sizes run small. If possible try it in a real store, if not buy at least half size bigger.

Update: Two summer is gone since I bought Duramo 8. When I bought them, I thought that they seems like a bit tiny. But I was wrong. They are still sturdy and very comfortable. Washed many times in washing machine with no problem.

Adidas Duramo 8






Light Weight







  • Air mesh breathability
  • Cloudfoam midsole
  • Ultra light
  • Rubber sole
  • Good price/performance ratio


  • Not suitable for winter

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